18 May 2017 Chalkboard meditation about Pink and rainbows everywhere

Hello again, sorry to be a pest with my posts today but as I’ve mentioned before, writing is something I use to help me work through things I’m dealing with.  Just writing this, even if I am the only one to read it for now, is helpful…will be helpful to someone, somewhere at the time they need it.  I am so grateful to WordPress, those who keep the Internet working properly and of course those who visit me here when they can.

The chalkboard I bought earlier this year is proving more useful for meditation and processing thoughts I am having than actual art for which it was originally intended.  It is so fulfilling when what I am sharing here happens – like with my other pen and ink or chalk drawings, it’s like talking to the God of my understanding and actually getting a response.  A while back I was looking out our tinted car windows and saw a rainbow as the sun shone on me.  For the first time I noticed a color I hadn’t seen before, it was pink!  Ever since that moment I have been adding pink to the colors in the rainbow when I draw it or make it in my crafts.  It is the hidden color and associated with women and girls as blue is associated with men and boys.  The creation of life is not a one-sided operation.  It always takes two even with artificial life.  With the creation of artificial life the partner is…..the spirit of inspiration….the muses.   To me the word Pink is not just a color or a sex it is a state of being…..being the “other.”  People who like vibrant colors and the “flashes” of bright light are usually considered eccentric, queer or weird….outsiders…..many “pink people” hide themselves from the world instead of embracing and celebrating who they are and the unique gifts they bring to this world.  I am a “Pink person” and am learning to love, accept, embrace and celebrate who I am as much as I’ve always tried to do it for other “Pink people”  when I have found them.   I turned 49 years old this year….it’s never too late.


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