14 May 2017 Mother’s Day, Birthday wishes, Pergola demolition, Dream about traveling in space and drawings

Good morning to you – for those of you that are “Mom’s” of any sort,  to include my own – Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope all my Mom’s know it’s not just today that I love and appreciate you!  Today is also our friend Billy’s birthday!  So Happy birthday Billy!   Much love, hugs and light to all of you today!

Mother’s Day Poem

Kyle Wygant May 20 2003

Hope and dreams she helps me with

An audience when needed

Plans things out for the help to need

Pays with stress to teach us right

Yet loves us no matter what

Moment’s times she appears when need most

Only the one I choose to always love

The bearer of my favorite gift, life

Helps when needed

Everyday full of something new

Relentless of trying to get things right

Special to everyone she meets

Determined to have turn out all right

At the time to help she does

Yearning, I say Happy Mother’s Day


Yesterday was pergola demolition day!  We were so grateful to have had help from  Kyle’s Dad and two brothers to do it!  More than a two-person job to do safely.  Together we were able to make pretty short work of it.  I must say there is some truth to demolition being therapeutic!  Kyle tells me people in demolition are pretty happy people and I could see and feel why yesterday lol.  There were things about the pergola I liked but now I have a clear view of the sky and lots more drawing space lol!  We are ready for the new siding to be installed!

So the dream that woke me up this morning was pretty cool.  I guess my mind’s way of processing all these thoughts I’ve been having about particles and life.  Well in the dream I was traveling in space and it was like a black and white grid.  We actually “went off grid” and beyond what was charted or known.  Something about a ship “picking me up” (the round cell shaped ship) that was free-floating and if you passed through it, you were on a new ship.  I encountered life forms that were just light and colors.  To the person in the dream they were kind of annoying as they “poured in” through rainbow light and had voices but it was hard to understand them.  There was a blonde woman who was very mature but wasn’t very old that was a “life-form.”  I can remember seeing her talking, she was shy but don’t know what she said.


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