13 May 2017 Dream about a King and the Wizard (Christopher Lee) and “Particles”

Hello to you wherever and whenever you are.  Today is going to be a busy day so can’t spend too much time here.  I will express Happy Mother’s day but will do something special tomorrow for that!  LOTS and LOTS of dreaming this past night but the one I am sharing is the most epic of them all.  It is like something straight out of a mythology story.  I am surprised that someone like Christopher Lee graced my dream world but he did.

13 May 2017/6:20 am

Dreamt about a *man who was King and witnessed the birth of his son. Then I saw a young boy talking to some women about himself and saying his father was the *man and his Grandmother was Queen and I corrected him to say, “Queen Elizabeth.” Then there was something about a man coming through and looking for the child, “He’d be about toddler size now?”

Then I was standing at the edge of a dark pond and watching a man who looked like an old wizard, it was Christopher Lee. He was holding a gigantic sword and he plunged it into the black pond and into a giant behemoth of a fish. It was an ancient fish that was black and red, had huge eyes and tendrils like a catfish. He pulled this giant creature out of the pond and to shore and left it there but he didn’t kill it. I can remember his pointing at it like you would a pet to “stay” and seeing the eye of the creature look almost forlorn to be “left.” I watched Christopher walk away.

*man means I know who the person in the dream.  This interview from 1975 is fascinating.

Yesterday afternoon I took my pen and paper outside and had some interesting “dialogue” I want to call it.  When I do these drawings or the other things that I do, that’s what it is like.  What is in these drawings may not be “new” or “revelationary” to those much more educated than myself in these matters, but it is for me.  It’s like having a conversation and being open to new thoughts, ideas and ways of thinking about things.  Particles is the theme here – everything and everyone are energized particles activated by full-spectrum light of the sun.   What came to mind is how we can take everything apart and how sometimes when it gets put back together it is a little different but can be very similar to it’s original form.  You can shred a leaf into a billion pieces and with the right ingredients make a new leaf that looks very much like the original one but a key element will be missing – it cannot live on it’s own without external energies to animate it.  Very “Frankenstein” train of thought lol.  If a form is not “born” with the original spark of life it must be animated by external forces – like children at play with action figures.   As with anything, if the “animators” intention is positive so shall be it’s creation and vise versa.


4 comments on “13 May 2017 Dream about a King and the Wizard (Christopher Lee) and “Particles”

  1. I’m not so sure about external energies being animating factors, Jackie. If that were the case, we’d just have to plug into an outlet to be immortal. I think it’s the internal, invisible energies, those we have yet to understand and tap into consistently that animate us. Just another thought to throw on the pile of thoughts! 😉 xoxoM

    • Margarita I was talking about external forces/energies being the only way to animate the inanimate not living/born natural living tissues/beings – yes – when we are born it with the “spark” of life within us. I appreciate your thoughts in the pile of thought!!! 🙂

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