11 May 2017 A Woman’s Spirit (Hazelden Meditations) and Dreams

Good morning to you. I hope your today is going well for you. Last night before bed I decided I wanted to pull out a devotional my first AA sponsor, Monica, had given to me to see if there were any messages for me there. Ironically, I had received the devotional from her in this very month 15 years ago! Timely right?! The messages for yesterday and today spoke to me and also speak to what I see with the folks running our Government right now. What isn’t mentioned here that I feel is going on is a whole lot of holding on to a soul-eating levels of Pride. It would take letting go of this cancer of the soul in order for us to move forward as a country and as a people. It shouldn’t matter “who gets credit” for greatness – it’s supposed to be a team effort! When people work together for a common, positive purpose, everyone wins!

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. Seneca

I hope something here resonates with you whether your a woman or a man:

May 10

Life is for enjoying, it is not a race to see how much you can get done. – Jill Clark

Before we quit using alcohol and other drugs*, we wasted precious hours, days, maybe years. Consequently, we feel we must make up for lost time. We make promises and commitments we don’t have the time or the energy to fulfill. This is a normal response to hindsight. After all, we missed many wonderful opportunities when our focus was on getting and staying **high.

*Drugs – there are many types of drugs, to include the quest for and the keeping of power.

**High can also mean position or place

Making up for the past is different from making the most of each twenty-four hours. It’s not how much we accomplish in life but how we treat others along the way that counts. We can accomplish our daily tasks while being kind to other people. But choosing the latter as the more important action will bring a far greater sense of well-being than succeeding at “moving mountains.”


I will get done everything I really need to do today if I focus on being kind to the women and men who cross my path.


May 11

Once conflict has arisen, we are kidding ourselves if we think it can be ignored. – Linda Richel

Conflict is ordinary, some may even say necessary. And it generally makes us tense, but that’s primarily because we want to “win” every disagreement. Through our role models in this program, we learn that feelings should not be stuffed or ignored, but they don’t have to be resolved immediately either. Simply sharing with someone that we are angry about a situation is often enough. Doing more often escalates a minor conflict into a major confrontation.

Choosing to be peaceful, rather than right, isn’t copping out, even though it may seem so at first. rather, it’s opting to put our energies into positive exchanges with others. Remembering that every relationship is given to us by design, not accident, gives us reason to pause before stepping on the toes of our “teachers.” Honoring them with love and acceptance diminishes our need to be right. *2004


Letting go of my need to be right today will truly give me peace. *2017


Dream before woke up this morning:

I was watching black women singing on tv and singing along, sounding the same. Then my ex-husband Ken walks in wearing a brown suit with a top hat and clown make-up on. He said he was going to be in a picture with 28 people and then I tried to get up and there was a ghost in the room and I told her to get out. It was the ghost of an old woman from what I could make out.



3 comments on “11 May 2017 A Woman’s Spirit (Hazelden Meditations) and Dreams

  1. Ahhh…synchronicity, Jackie! Just before reading your post, I was commenting to my sweet husband how a dear friend perceived a recent interaction between us as a win/lose and not as a win/win team effort. So much shifting of perception that we need to allow to happen in the perfect time for each individual expression of the One. I continue to hold Love and Light for us all with you, my dear! 😉 xoxoM

    • You do the same thing for me with the synchronicity M — just the message that is needed at the time! Much love to you and your husband. xo’s

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