9 May 2017 Is Number 5 Alive? (Short Circuit 1986 film)

Good afternoon to you. Hope this finds you well in the time in space you are right now as you visit me here. It’s 5:58 pm as I write now on this cloudy, cooling afternoon. I am sincerely hoping a gentle rain may be possible to help clear the air some.  Just popping in with this –  had to get it out of my head lol!  I’m so grateful for this space to do that!

I spent a little less time than I normally do outside but during the time I was out, I did a couple of drawings. One of which when I told Kyle I had no idea what it was about said, “Do we need to watch the movie Short Circuit? “Number 5 is alive” is from that.” I am blessed to have a husband with a great memory, especially when it comes to random trivia like that! I don’t remember if I saw this movie or not. It was good to see Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg again – they are part of the cast! The song from Thyx was playing as I was drawing  – so I guess it all fits!  It’s just amusing to me that something that obscure would come to my attention this way.

The Machine – Artificial Intelligence – THYX

Short Circuit (1986) – Trailer


Some resonate quotes from the Daily Good (http://www.dailygood.org/):

Forgiveness is letting go of all hope of a better past.
Annie Lamont

The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.
William Shakespeare

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.
John W. Whitehead

Writing is the painting of the voice.

*I sent a note to the FCC about net neutrality using John Oliver’s recommendation btw – very easy – http://www.gofccyourself.com


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