4 May 2017 Re-visiting films from our younger days (Legend, 1985 and Young Frankenstein 1974) and Afternoon chalk drawings

Good afternoon.  How are you?  I hope this finds you having a positive day.  It’s been a good day here.  We’ve been going through our movie collection to see which ones we want to keep and which ones it’s time to let go.  We just finished watching Legend today, yeah that one is going in the donate/sell pile.  It’s not a horrible film but both of us agreed we probably wouldn’t be able to watch it all the way through again.  Kyle had bought it a long time ago and after watching it again, it’s just not the same for him as when he originally bought it.  He’s experiencing something that has happened to me through the years with movies.   The person I was when I originally saw a movie isn’t the same person that I am when I watch a film years later.  I guess it’s what happens when we get older and mature.  In our maturity, our perspectives about things can change and this can change how we perceive the messages and themes of a movie we once really enjoyed.  The film will either remain resonate or they will become dissonant to the person we have matured into.  It doesn’t have to be years and years for this to happen either.  Like Kyle and I used to really enjoy the Horror movie genre and over the past couple of years we don’t watch them nearly as much.  If we do watch them, they are the really cheesy ones that are so beyond reality you can’t take them seriously.

Some movies, however, NEVER loose their luster.  The movie we are watching now is just such a movie, Young Frankenstein!

Drawings from today:


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