3 May 2017 Dreams, movies and music

Good morning to you.  I hope this finds you doing well.  Something amazing happened last night….sleep!  I know right?!  The mechanical noise that we’ve been hearing and feeling was in “idle” mode last night so it didn’t cause near the vibrations to the house and I was able to sleep.  I’m so grateful for that.  I get to be a really nasty person when I don’t get enough sleep….don’t most people get that way?!

So the dream world last night was a double feature.  Some day will have technology like they did in the movie Brainstorm starring Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood from 1983? Instead of life experiences being recorded to be relived, it would be dreams?  I’m not sure if that would be a good idea or not but it could be a useful tool for self analysis as the dream world is basically our brains “sorting out” our conscious moments.   This is a really great science fiction movie btw!




So the first dream was about visiting a very expensive ranch.  I think I was on a horse because as I could see things as they passed me and around me unlike being in a car.  There was a cowboy wearing chaps on a horse, a lot of metal structures and “stuff” on the property.  I can remember as we got to the main part of the property there were really nice houses.  As we passed one of the nice houses there was a woman in the window looking out and she was holding a King Cavalier Spaniel.  I saw a dog that looked a lot like my childhood dog named Pita but didn’t think it could be her.  As I got closer to her, she knew me and came to me and I realized it was Pita!

These are all pictures from my stay on the Johnson farm when I babysat for them in 1980’s – think I was in Jr. High school at the time – Pita is 2nd row, far right.  She had gotten all wet and was miserable!

(What’s interesting about this dream is from my teens I have memories of when I was helping taking care of my cousins on the farm and Pita was with me.  The place in my dream got a significant upgrade lol!  It was so good to see Pita again!  The ranch I think is from when I was on Facebook and had been friended by a country music singer who did covers of songs named Chauncey Jones.  He would post pictures and video sometimes of being on a ranch.  I’m not a big country music fan but Chauncey is very talented, seems like a really good person and I enjoy his versions of country songs.)

The second dream was about being with a man and a woman who were on an exhausting film shoot.  It wasn’t a happy movie they were making.  There was a lot to this dream, hence me wishing there was a way to directly record it as I’ve lost so many details!  What I do remember was something towards the end where people in the movie became “pig people.”  I can remember there was a blonde woman who became an actual pig and smiled at the camera.  It was confusing — people becoming pigs or people who were already pigs trying to be people?  I think it was a mixture of both.  I can remember hearing the woman who was with the man in the dream say to the man afterwards, “Come here *name of man*, and rest” and his laying across my legs and up against the woman.  They were watching the movie that had been made and there was the blonde woman again.  Instead of her being on a movie screen it was like she was in a painting and she was showing her “revenge.”  Then there was the woman in the dream who looked like me when I was young with curly hair talking about wanting to make a music album and saying something about “who would know Wygant? Wyg-ant, like related to Adam Ant?!  Who’s that?!  Oh look U2 is coming out with a new album, I’ll buy that!”

(What I got out of this dream is what it might be like to make films sometimes.  Sometimes you are asked to work with people who aren’t what they seem and can actually be quite awful.  Making films, I imagine, is very exhausting and especially if you are asked to play parts that are very far from your real nature.  The part with the making an album is a very old part of my life when I had wanted to become an actress and  professional singer but just didn’t have a way to those dreams.  I can remember sending a song I had written to a place that, well, was a scam and my Mom knew it, but I tried anyways.  Sure enough they said if I paid some ungodly amount of money, they would get my song made into a record.  Obviously that didn’t happen!)

Source Internet – poster for Jon’s new film London Town. Really good movie.

Time to get on with the day.  If you like what I do here with dreams, I will tell you I have to make myself get up out of bed and right down the content I can remember shortly after the dream or it is mostly lost.  If you are interested to keep track and explore your own dreams, I suggest you do the same or keep a dream journal by your bed.

Hope you have a wonderful day!



2 comments on “3 May 2017 Dreams, movies and music

  1. Perhaps you could record your song on MP3, Jackie? As I recall, you have gifted musicians in your family. Maybe you could all collaborate and create a thing of beauty together? Just a thought… 😉 xoxoM

    • Back when I was a kid and sent that song off, I didn’t think to keep a copy of it! So I don’t have it anymore. Your idea is a good one though for other songs/lyrics I have come up with. May be that could be a project for me and my lap harp like when I was experimenting with colored light and translating that to music. Yes, we have lots of musical talent on Kyle’s side of the family. His uncle actually did the arrangement for our wedding! I will have to think on that. Thank you M!

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