2 May 2017 Drawings and Streams in the Desert Daily Devotional messages for 1 and 2 May

Good afternoon to you.  I hope this finds you well as you visit here today.  I am doing alright — very tired.  Kyle and I are both not getting much quality sleep.  There is still lots of shaking in the neighborhood again today.  I broached the question on our multi-neighborhood Next Door page and the one person that responded was unfamiliar with what I was talking about.  Another neighbor we talked to today who lives on the same street on the opposite side of the neighbor who has been feeling the vibrations said she wasn’t feeling anything like we are talking about.  We just can’t pin-point it to anything else but lines under the street that leads directly to our house from the newest neighborhood.  The vibrations we are feeling are strongest there.  They weren’t nearly as strong on the other side of the neighborhood as we walked around the block.  What we suspect, but don’t know for sure, is with more new houses using gas, the load on the lines may have increased and the reason it’s fluctuating depends on who’s home using the fuel.  All we know is if this doesn’t abate soon we may have to contact a realtor!  Just keeping you up to date as we find stuff out.  Tomorrow we have someone coming out to take a look at the back of our house problem and give us estimates on what they can do to repair it.  We know that it would be even more difficult to try and sell this house with a rotting wood problem going on!  The joys of home ownership they don’t warn you about lol!

Anyhew……the messages from the Streams in the Desert were timely and resonated with me, so I typed them up to share with you.  May be there will be something here for you too!

May 1

“God that cannot lie promised.” (Titus 1:2)

Faith is not working up by will power a sort of certainty that something is coming to pass, but it is seeing as an actual fact that god has said that this thing shall come to pass, and that it is true, and then rejoicing to know that it is true, and just resting because God has said it.

Faith turns the promise into a prophecy. While it is merely a promise it is a contingent upon our cooperation. but when faith claims it, it becomes a prophecy, and we go forth feeling that it is something that must be done because God cannot lie. – Days of Heaven upon Earth.

I hear men praying everywhere for more faith; but when I listen to them carefully, and get at the real heart of the prayer, very often it is not more faith at all that they are wanting, but a change from faith to sight.

Faith, walking in the dark with God, only prays Him to clasp its hand more closely. – Phillips Brooks.

“The Shepherd does not ask of thee

Faith in they faith, but only faith in Him;

And this He meant in saying, ‘Come to me.’

In light or darkness seek to do His will,

And leaves the work of faith to Jesus still.”


The way this reading resonated with me is how it talks about many people praying for more faith but what they really want is evidence of their prayers. I call it the “The Doubting Thomas effect.” I go through this a lot myself! It happens when I will pray about something and not really let go and let God about it. I want evidence I’ve been heard. I want to see that I’ve been heard and faith just doesn’t work like that! I have to remind myself that although the God of my understanding, the “everything” that makes this world a reality, is capable of amazing and even miraculous feats but in a sequential order….”divine timing.” Think about everything it takes to make a car, a spaceship, a child or even a loaf of bread. If you take any vital step out in the process, you get a messed up car, a messed up spaceship, a messed up child and a shitty loaf of bread. Along with faith must come patience…spiritual forces cannot work while earthly forces are active.

May 2

“The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.” (Psa. 103:19)

Some time since, in the early spring, I was going out at my door when round the corner came a blast of east wind-defiant and pitiless, fierce and withering-sending a cloud dust before it.

I was just taking the latchkey from the door as I said, half impatiently, “I wish the wind would”- I was going to say change; but the word was checked and the sentence was never finished.

As I went on my way, the incident became a parable to me. There came an angel holding out a key; and he said:

“My Master sends thee His love, and bids me give you this.”

“What is it?” I asked, wondering. “the key of the winds,” said the angel, and disappeared.

Now indeed should I be happy. I hurried away into the heights whence the winds came, and stood amongst the caves. “I will have done with the east wind at any rate- and that shall plague us no more,” I cried; and calling in that friendless wind, I closed the door, and heard the echoes ringing in the hollow places. I turned the key triumphantly. “There,” I said, “now we have done with that.”

“What shall I choose in its place?” I asked myself, looking about me. “The south wind is pleasant”; and I thought of the lambs, and the young life on every hand, and the flowers that had begun to deck the hedgerows. But as I set the key within the door, it began to burn my hand.

“What am I doing?” i cried; “who knows what mischief I may bring about?” how do I know what the fields want! Ten thousand things of ill may come of this foolish wish of mine.”

Bewildered and ashamed, I looked up and prayed that the Lord would send His angel yet again to take this key; and for my part I promised that I would never want to have it any more.

But lo, the Lord Himself stood by me. He reached His hand to take the key; and as I laid it down, (I saw that it rested against the sacred wound-print.

It hurt me indeed that I could ever have murmered against anything wrought by Him who bare such sacred tokens of His love. then He took the key and hug it on His girdle.

“Dost THOU keep the key of the winds?” I asked.

“I do, my child,” He answered graciously.

And lo, I looked again and there hung all the keys of all my life. He saw my look of amazement, and asked, “Didst thou not know my child, that my kingdom ruleth over all?”

“Over all, my Lord!” I answered; “the it is not safe for me to murmur at anything?” Then did He lay His hand upon me tenderly. “My child,” He said, “they only safety is, in everything, to love and trust and praise.” – Mark Guy Pearse.


The way that this entry resonated with me is when I think about all the times I’ve wanted to just get rid of something or want someone to go “Just go away” because the situation and or person was just too difficult to deal with. In more cases than not, what has taken the place of the offensive person or situation has been much worse than it’s predecessor.

That is because that person or situation making my life difficult was there to teach me something!

I see this truth unlearned on the world stage as well. Because of impatience, lack of faith or even greed, valuable learning opportunities have been squandered and in their place much worse obstacles in the form of people and situations have arisen.

What this reading today tells me is there is much learning to do by all from what or whom offends us and has been placed in our path without premature or unnatural removal. If you do not follow the “lesson” (troubling person and or situation) all the way through, greater perils may arise. The phrase “power vacuum” comes to mind in this train of thinking. It also tells me that sometimes the words of the Serenity Prayer are in order! Sometimes the answer to dealing with a difficult person and or situation is not immediately available or going to be made known to us alone.

Source Internet: Let Go, Let God. (Serenity Prayer) God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, Wisdom to know the difference.



2 comments on “2 May 2017 Drawings and Streams in the Desert Daily Devotional messages for 1 and 2 May

  1. that vibrations sound scary…. and I hope you find a solution, no matter which one, the main thing is it ends good for you. I had the same feeling as I watched your chalkgirl… you said it totally right….sigh…

    • We have quiet this morning and so I’m hoping it will last. It’s definitely a machine of some sort because last night it sounded like it was just idling instead of what it has been doing. Just want to be able to sleep at night! Yeah chalkgirl…the me lost to time….I didn’t truly appreciate her. So that means we have to appreciate who we are now even more! Appreciate who we are at every phase of life. We just aren’t really taught that when we are young!

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