30 April 2017 Watching clouds, another insight as to why house may be vibrating and Drawings

Hello and good Sunday evening to you.  It’s almost bed time.  Kyle and I are still kind of messed up from the night shifts so still trying to get adjusted.  This weekend was quiet except for outside!  Wow was it windy today!  Our poor trees were throwing their leaves all over the place!  We were very fortunate, unlike a lot of places, to just get the windy part and not the flooding rains and tornadoes!  My prayers go out to those people and places.  Seems to be a lot of weird weather but not climate change right?!  Don’t mess with Momma Nature….she will mess you right back and she always wins!

I did some chalk drawings this weekend to share with you.  Even though it was windy and my allergies have really been acting up, I just wanted to be outside.  For someone like me, being outside makes the world seem bigger.  When I admire the sky and the clouds, birds, insects, even flying cotton seeds from our cottonwood tree, it’s like going somewhere while your standing still.  In my case almost still as I like to move with the clouds.  This morning a thought came to me while watching the clouds as they seemed to gravitate towards the sun.  When you hear about near-death experiences, they always talk about a tunnel of light.  What if when we die we become clouds and the light is the sun?  That’s how I think sometimes lol.  So I was watching the clouds this morning and thinking it was like watching a whole bunch of souls traveling to heaven together!  Yes, I have quite the imagination lol!

Taken 14 April 2016, afternoon sky with clouds Alvarado TX

We have yet another insight on to what might be causing our house to vibrate/hum.  We have a lot of construction going on around us and with expansive clay soil, when it dries out, it becomes like a hard block of concrete.  Sound waves travel so much more intensely than if the soil is saturated.  Talking to my my neighbor this morning reminded me that up on South Cummings they have been doing major utility work which may be part of what we are feeling.  We aren’t sure anymore if the gas lines could be the culprit because of it starts and stops and the intensity of it fluctuates so much.  You wouldn’t think if it were gas or electric that it would fluctuate.  There is a pretty steady vibration now, but sometimes it is much more intense than other times.  There are a bunch of new houses now that may be hooked up to the lines and that may make a difference but we aren’t sure.  Anyhew, just wanted to pass that on.  It was a relief though to talk to a neighbor and hear they were experiencing the vibrations also!

Anyhew….here are the drawings.  I hope you have a great start to the week and finds plenty of ways in your individual circles of life to make amazing, loving and positive things happen!

Mantra:  “It doesn’t matter what they are doing.  What matters is what I think, what I am feeling and what I am doing.  I am responsible for my thoughts, my feelings and my actions.  I have the freedom to choose.  Others thoughts, feelings, actions and choices are not my responsibility.” 




4 comments on “30 April 2017 Watching clouds, another insight as to why house may be vibrating and Drawings

  1. I like this theory with becoming clouds once…. it sounds comforting somehow, that there is something after…
    I remember this hairstyle, you look great in your photo ;o)

    • It is a pleasant thought isn’t it? I guess someday, in our own time, we’ll all know for sure! Yeah that was my one and only perm LOL! Hope all is well with you guys today!

    • 🙂 It is a reminder for me each time I share it. It’s so easy to forget our personal power and fritter away in directions undeserving. Much love to you!

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