26 April 2017 Ode to John Muir in chalk and rising from the ashes of our former selves (unfucking yourself)

Hello, good evening to you wherever and whenever this finds you visiting.  Thank you for coming by whether intentionally or not!  It’s cool this evening as I write to you at 7:26 pm in my time and place here in North Texas.  The house and the earth around our home is blissfully still this evening and I am grateful for that!

So I deactivated my Facebook account again today.  Even though I enjoy it most of the time, I have been allowing myself to be lead to some really toxic shit that I allow to piss me off.  With Kyle working shifts and us both being tired like we are, it’s just no good to add fuel to that fire.  I can be pretty thin-skinned about certain things.  I know I could choose to not have any news sites or stuff like that but it’s really hard to avoid all of it!  As part of “unfucking myself” from the tizzy I got into tonight  (my favorite meme lately) I went outside and shut up and did some coloring!  I did something I intend to do more often as I was outside, listen to relaxing music on my old fashioned CD player without headphones.  It was nice to revisit some of the New Age music collections I put together many years ago and still enjoy.  There was also a feeling of nostalgia…a lack of traceability about it unlike most modern devices we use today.  When I use my more modern devices I get kind of paranoid sometimes – the feeling of being watched.

Source Internet: My favorite meme lately to describe what I have to actively do to get back to a balanced state of being after reading or hearing toxic news etc.

The first chalk drawing I did started out angry but gradually as the face emerged and I realized who it was, I calmed way down.  It was John Muir!  I know it probably doesn’t look much like the actual man, but in this image that came forth I felt his calming presence.  I wish he was still here so he could talk some sense to the folks in Washington about  nature because nobody else seems to be making much headway.  We sign petitions, we march, we make phone calls, we write letters and still this tirade goes on against us and the natural world.  I’m starting to think they need to add Greed as an official mental illness in the next version of the DSMV (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnostic_and_Statistical_Manual_of_Mental_Disorders).  It’s so hard not to have hate in my heart for these people but I’m trying my best not to.  Hating anyone or anything hurts me more than it hurts the object lacking my affections!  I will just keep praying for these folks and keep doing whatever is within my power to do in my small portion of life.  Even if it’s just a little patch of earth in my backyard…it’s something!

Leading by our example is all we can really do which includes how we spend and to whom we give our money….DIVESTING comes to mind!  When we buy goods and services we are voting for or against their continued existence.

“These temple destroyers, devotees of ravaging commercialism, seem to have a perfect contempt for Nature, and, instead of lifting their eyes to the God of the mountains, lift them to the Almighty Dollar.”
John Muir

The next drawing was along the lines of the one I shared the other day, but what I was feeling and thinking as I drew it was about rising out of the ashes of our former selves.   We are all fragments of the one sun….the light.  This light is in each of us.  We can always rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of whatever we used to be that may be we would like to leave behind us.  Each day is a new beginning!



2 comments on “26 April 2017 Ode to John Muir in chalk and rising from the ashes of our former selves (unfucking yourself)

  1. I would like to make it to my mantra too. it’s what I need ;o) and your drawing makes a super tattoo… each day is a new chance…. absolutely… and therefore this drawing could stay on our skin furever :o)

    • Thank you – you are a kindred soul and I’m grateful we can know each other across so much time and space. I like my tattoo markers because the ink is washable so if I come up with something else I always have space 🙂 But some would be nice to have forever – just expensive. To get my old chameleon tattoo it will be over $100! Much love to you all there today!

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