11 April 2017 Has the formula used by Superhero’s been flawed all along? (choosing love and forgiveness to settle differences over violence)

Hello to you. How are you? I am doing pretty good, trying to keep my inner light on!

My Superman is most always smiling!

Tonight Kyle and I were watching some top 10 lists on You tube about Superhero’s. As I watched the animated and live action clips I realized something about all of them. They all use the logic of righting wrongs with more wrongs! I’ve been a fan of the Superhero genre most of my life so how could I have missed this? I think seeing current events with the eyes of my heart has changed everything for me!  Superman choosing to murder Zod over another solution in the recent movies was extremely sobering!

My country recently bombed and killed people in Syria to prove that their bombing, gassing and killing people was morally wrong! That doesn’t make any sense to me!

Where does this mentality of righting wrongs with more wrongs come from?! I don’t think it started with the comic books! No, it goes WAAAAY back…biblical times and well before. In the comics the formula Superhero’s have always used is there are good guys and bad guys. Ironically most Superhero’s take down the bad guys in much the same way the bad guys take down good guys! So who is really the Superhero?! Who is the villain?!

What I feel has been left out of this “Superhero formula”, is that good and evil is determined by individual perspective. What you may perceive as an evil act, another may perceive as something good. It all depends on their upbringing, morals, values, beliefs, experiences and even their biological design!

The truth is that we are biologically incapable of each perceiving our experience in this world exactly the same. My eyes don’t see like your eyes! Our five basic senses enable us to take in the world in a completely unique way.  I like the smell of Peppermint but you may think Peppermint smells terrible. You may think it smells terrible not because of the smell but because of a bad experience you may of had that included the smell of Peppermint!

Another example.

You have a room full of people watching the news about the bombing of Syria. They are all watching the same news but that is the only thing they all have in common!

If you look around the room you may notice some people will be distracted and looking away, playing with their smartphones and or be talking and will miss parts of the footage. Others who aren’t distracted may already have their feelings already set about what they are watching and hearing. They may have already decide whether it’s good or bad based on their personal life experiences, beliefs, morals and values. Some in the room will have poor or non-existent eye sight, be hearing impaired, or have some other biological filter in which this video is processed. How they perceive what they are all seeing will be shaped by all of these factors. Some will come away from what they saw thinking it was “good” and cheer, some will perceive it as “bad” and express anger and still others will have no feelings one way or another and be silent.  No one will come away from watching the news thinking or feeling exactly the same way.

The way I see it is each of us represents a point of view or a perspective that feeds into the Source of us all of that “this” existence is.  We are each like jurors in a gigantic jury!  We are all the many different “eyes” of one God, Energy, Source, Universe…whatever you call your God.

So whose “eyes” or perception of the news those people just saw is ultimately “right?”  That is the question I feel we are facing as a world today!  Today, unless you are truly solid within yourself and where you stand on things (your moral compass), you will be vulnerable to stronger external influences.  Many of whom seem to believe that an eye for an eye is a good strategy for combatting our worlds problems.

When is an act of violence against another person, place or thing right and just? In my opinion, that’s never but obviously that isn’t a sentiment shared the world over.  Take a  walk through history up to this moment and see how violence and revenge as a way to right wrongs has been ineffectively carried out by righteous hypocrites for centuries.  The same archetypes of people who perpetually seek worldly profit, power and influence through the manufacturing of global discord.

NO THANKS!         

How do I believe you should right a wrong? With Love and Forgiveness!  It’s only through my choosing Love and Forgiveness that I have ever experienced wrongs truly “righted.”  I would rather be forgotten by this life than be remembered with hate!   



3 comments on “11 April 2017 Has the formula used by Superhero’s been flawed all along? (choosing love and forgiveness to settle differences over violence)

  1. I agree with you…. to answer violence with more violence is no solution…. but while watching the news they call this the “new reality” we have to accept…who says that I have to? No one can claim that I have to accept things I totally dislike….

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