11 April 2017 Oh Hail! (North Texas weather), Streams in the Desert message for today “What I tell you in the darkness, speak ye in the light.”

Good morning to you.  How are you?  I didn’t sleep very well last night but that’s o.k. – that’s what naps are for!  This morning we had “weather” again and this time it made loud noises on the roof – big chunks of hail!!!  Oh HAIL!  Link was not happy about this at all!  Thankfully it didn’t last long but wow.  This is the first time we’ve had hail in awhile at our place.  When things are settled down, we’ll have to take a look and make sure no damage was done.

Last night before bed I sensed a presence in my room again.  As I’ve said, it could be my sensitivity to EMF’s from electronics, the house shifting or just about anything but there was a noise that came with it and of course that made me upset.  So I addressed the darkness that only light was welcome in my house and if they weren’t light, to get out!  No more noises.  Well today’s reading from my Grandma Schmidt’s daily Devotional, Streams in the Desert speaks to what I experienced and the post I shared with you yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.  Oh and the last phrase from the 10th’s message: “To be left unmolested by Satan is no evidence of blessing.”  Yeah….I’m ok being left unmolested by stuff like that but my friend Linda, a woman strong in her faith, tells me is that being the person I am, it’s to be expected.  She’d be worried if I wasn’t.  I personally believe there are many “false lights” in this world that gather moths for the sport of it.  Beware the false lights!

April 11 – Streams in the Desert (1925)

“What I tell you in the darkness, speak ye in the light.” (Matt. 10:27)

Our Lord is constantly taking us into the dark, that He may tell us things.  Into the dark of the shadowed home, where bereavement has drawn the blinds; into the dark of the lonely, desolate life, where some infirmity closes us in from the light and stir of life; into the dark of some crushing sorrow and disappointment.

Then He tells us His secrets, great and wonderful, eternal and infinite; He causes the eye which has become dazzled by the glare of earth to behold the heavenly constellations; and the ear to detect the undertones of His voice, which is often drowned amid the tumult of earth’s strident cries.

We are not meant always to linger in the dark, or stay in the closet; presently we shall be summoned to take our place in the rush and storm of life; and when that moment comes, we are to speak and proclaim what we have learned.

This gives a new meaning to suffering, the saddest elements in which is often its apparent aimlessness.  “How useless I am!” “What am I doing for the betterment of men?” “Where-fore this waste of the precious spikenard of my soul?”

Such are the desperate laments of the sufferer.  But God has a purpose in it all.  He has withdrawn His child to the higher altitudes of fellowship, that he may her God speaking face to face, and hear the message to his fellows at the mountain foot.

Were the forty days wasted that Moses spent on the Mount or the period spent at Horeb by Elijah, or the years spent in Arabia by Paul?

There is no short cut to the life of faith, which is the vital condition of a holy and victorious life.  We must have periods of lonely meditation and fellowship with God.  That our souls should have their mountains of fellowship, their valley of quiet rest beneath the shadow of a great rock, their nights beneath the stars when darkness has veiled the material and silenced the stir of human life, and has opened the view of infinite and eternal, is as indispensable as that our bodies should have food.

Thus alone can the sense of God’s presence become the fixed possession of the soul, enabling it to say repeatedly, with the Psalmist, “Thou art near, O God.” – F.B Meyer

“Some hearts, like evening primroses, open more beautifully to the shadows of life.”

Source is internet – couldn’t find my pictures of ours. My mother-in-law Beth mentioned she has some growing at their place. They look like little Victrola’s!


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