6 April 2017 Deja vous and the bombing today of Syria by the United States

Hello to you.  I’m sorry to say that I feel like I am having a horrible case of Deja vous tonight with regards to current events.  I am highly suspicious of the timing of them, especially the gassing of innocent Syrian civilians and the subsequent bombing by my country of a Syrian base.  Is anyone still paying attention to the investigation of our President having ties with Russia that may have affected  our 2016 election?  Of course not and I suspect that is what was intended.   We are in the midst of a blitz…a bombardment of epic proportion that has been 8 or more years in the making.



http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/04/04/navy-instructor-pilots-refusing-to-fly-over-safety-concerns-pences-son-affected.html – who flew in the bombs? The US Navy

http://www.texasmonthly.com/energy/rick-perry-now-national-security-council/Texas is all about oil

http://www.kfvs12.com/story/35093014/oil-prices-surge-as-us-launches-missile-attack-on-Syria – and oil is more valuable now

I broached this subject back in 2015 after the terrorist attack in France.  All of what is happening is part of a strategy that has been used time and time again through history and it has evolved to an even bolder, more brutal scale.  I have a really bad feeling about it and I suspect we are at “end game”:


So here we go again. The cycle: Attack on unsuspecting innocents founded in religious ideology and revenge a.k.a the civilized word “retaliation” and then “lets have a war” and send more young men and women to add to the body count so a few people can make more money off of the ways, means and aftermath of war.

I may be off base with this statement, but this is what I see and I’m so fucking sick of it. I’m sick of the world “falling for it again.” This whole mess is the responsibility of a few really poor, insane leaders who have used the principles of insanity to govern the world stage. Let’s do what we’ve done thousands of times before and see if something different happens! YEAH that’s the ticket! We have plenty of paid puppets to make it happen too!

Here is how it goes:

1) Rich people want to stay rich and how do they do that? Control of the main resources the majority of the worlds population needs to survive. (all the more reason we need to support people like Mr. Keshe who want to liberate us from this endless cycle!)

2) Resources and the profits associated with these resources is threatened. So “something” must be done about it. We can’t just start bombing and killing people who are responsible without buy-in from the international stage. Let’s arm and train the people where the resources are to do our dirty work.

3)Oopsy the trainees have gone awol! They’ve been overrun by the people messing with the resources. Ironically the same people we trained the last time it happened! Oh gee! Time to get more buy-in for a bigger response. We need American and European troops for this one but it’s going to be expensive! YAY! More money for us but we have to make it look like its “justified.” Let’s sit back and let the people we want to kill stir up some shit for the cause! The masses always go for that!

4) There is going to be collateral damage with this but it’s all for the greater good…..they will believe it and we stay rich and in power! YAY for us!

5) The aftermath that Americans and so many other “civilized” countries seem proud of ensues. We salute the brave soldiers who are lead, through intense propaganda from sources to include You Tube (saw a recruiting commercial looking for the St. Vincent Trailer) manage to make it out alive with or without their limbs and mental faculties and bury the 19 year olds who didn’t.

6) “Peace” is restored, the masses are placated into believing “all is well again” until the next time the coffers need to be filled. Meanwhile the collateral damage of war, primarily military veterans and their families, have to rely on charity in one form or another to put their bodies and lives back together. If you look, there are hundreds of charities like Wounded Warriors devoted to this cause. God Bless them but I really wish they didn’t have a reason to exist


5 comments on “6 April 2017 Deja vous and the bombing today of Syria by the United States

  1. I am holding a vision of individuals like you and me, Jackie, joining hands and chanting “ain’t gonna be fooled no more!!!” And as we each stand in our own power, we become One to hold Love and Light for our beloved Planet and all Its creatures. xoxoM

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