4 April 2017 Dream that got me up with morning – (the mixed signals women are getting from men in politics)

Good morning to you. I am up earlier than normal because I woke up after a dream that my mind wouldn’t let me go back to sleep after. In the past I’ve mentioned that for me, getting into certain parts of the dream world requires “keys” from the conscious and or waking world. The following keys unlocked a rather bizarre but telling dream about the mixed signals women are getting from men, mainly in politics.

The keys:

1) Seeing President Trump’s son-in-law and daughter Ivanka together in regards to this news story yesterday: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-iraq-kushner-idUSKBN17515U

2) Playing the MMORPG Rift and participating in repeated Instant Adventures with a Carnival Event theme. Also seeing that Trion is offering discounts on expansions to the game.

3) Hearing the song by Avenged Sevenfold yesterday, The Stage.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBYVlFXsEME – (can’t share it anymore)

The Stage – lyrics

Avenged Sevenfold

So I arrived, naked and cold A welcomed change from the abeyance of a ghost town catacomb No need for counsel I appreciate the time I’m not alone (Why don’t you get my lawyer on the phone)

There were days these child eyes Would overlook the ugliness and fantasize I found my heart for the first time and I awakened in me I left myself to navigate, and oh I felt control (It seems these sheep have quite an appetite)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage, As we perform here upon the stage?

As the boy became a man In came a calm sophistication I can hardly understand So lost in ego, didn’t notice when the time had slipped away (Yeah, everybody’s got a sob story)

Jesus Christ, was born to die Leave it to man to levitate his own to idolize We’re simply sociopaths with no communication baby I see your angle but we differ from our points of view (So tell me, what’s your cross to bear?)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage, As we perform here upon the stage? Tell me a lie in a beautiful way I believe in answers just not today

Hope my wheels don’t abandon me now, Seeing that I’m out here alone I’m running out of fight And the wind speaks a comforting voice, Guiding me to her arms Mother, I’m alright

It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind Before a blow to the head by the gavel of time To wake up Won’t you wake up? When did the walking apes decide that nuclear war Was now the only solution for them keeping the score? Just wake up Can’t you wake up?

(You do know this is just a simulation, don’t you?)

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage, As we perform here upon the stage? Tell me a lie in a beautiful way I believe in answers just not today


© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

For non-commercial use only.

Data from: LyricFind

So these keys unlocked this dream:

It was a dream about seeing women being called to a stage by a very Stepford wife looking woman. When she called them she didn’t say their names, she just said, “Come here you body” in a sweet tone someone uses like when they are calling to their dog. There was something about the extremes these women were going to for their perfect bodies….stuff being taken out for flat stomachs etc. There was one blonde woman, very pretty, dressed in a white dress that seemed to be “performing.” She looked at me and was singing in a beautiful voice but instead of words, only chicken sounds came out and her gestures were also like a chicken, very jerky and awkward. It was so bizarre!

The last part of the dream was of a woman being taken to what was like an expansion to a video game and I heard a voice say to her, “See it’s not so bad what you get with extra money.” The place had a Carnival-like atmosphere and wasn’t my kind of place at all! Everything was so fake and exaggerated.


I honestly feel bad for the wives and children of high visibility, especially political figures. Every single detail of your life is open to scrutiny and ridicule. I think it’s probably even worse when you are having to keep up appearances in difficult and or turbulent circumstances. Unlike women who choose a life in the limelight, be it politics or the media and or entertainment industry, girl children of famous and or powerful people are born into it whether they want to be in it or not. I believe their parents have a great responsibility to these girls and in Ivanka’s case in particular. Its important to be consistent in your messages about what a woman’s place is in this world actually is.

The policies and attitude so far out of this administration in regards to women’s rights and health are sending very mixed signals! The messages I am getting from Washington in regards to a woman’s place is they are to be seen, used, abused, neglected, controlled, discarded and definitely not heard unless of course they are saying what you want them to. These messages are being backed up by actions (legislation) are very discouraging and certainly not empowering.

Kyle and I decided, for health reasons, not to have children.  I am glad a daughter of mine isn’t having to see and live in such a confusing world.   I think it would be quite challenging for parents with daughters to try and nurture and empower them in the face of a world that seems to want much less for them no matter if they are famous or not.


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