3 April 2017 Adjustments (day shift to night shift/health risks associated with night shift) and Business the Way Nature Intended (Giles Hutchins, Daily Good)

Good morning to you.  I hope this finds you well.  I’m really tired, Kyle even more so, as we are adjusting to a change in lifestyle and schedules.  It’s not easy to go from living a day shift lifestyle to a night shift one.  The body doesn’t like it much and it’s very confusing to our Spot and Link lol.  We’ll get through it and at least it’s only temporary.  My poor husband came home wearing paper scrubs that dissolve in water lol!  He was falling asleep as I was cooking him something to eat before a shower and off to bed.  No matter what you do, you can’t really prepare your body (and spirit) for shift changes like that.  I can remember going through the same thing in the military when I had to work 12 hour or longer shifts.  Just about the time I got acclimated to it, the reason for the shifts would be over!  A 24 hour world is meant for machines not human beings in my opinion!


01/06/2015 08:20 am ET | Updated Apr 24, 2015
Why Working The Night Shift Has Major Health Consequences
By Alena Hall

The 15 million Americans who work the night shift won’t hesitate to tell you about the toll their work lives take on their sleep schedules. However, quality shut-eye isn’t the only thing at risk when it comes to a shift worker’s health — especially among women working rotating night shifts, according to a new study.

Published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the study found that women who have worked rotating night shifts for five years or more not only experience shorter lifespans in general, but also have an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Those who have performed rotating shift work for 15 years or more are also more likely to die of lung cancer.

In the study, a team of international researchers monitored approximately 75,000 female registered nurses in the United States for 22 years through Nurses’ Health Study data, which included an interview with each nurse every other year. Defining rotating shift work as “working at least three nights per month in addition to days or evenings in that month,” the researchers asked the women how many years they had worked in this manner.

Of the women who worked rotating night shifts for more than six years, 11 percent experienced a shortened lifespan. Risk of death by cardiovascular disease jumped by 19 percent for those who worked this way for six to 14 years and by 23 percent for those who did so for 15 years or more. Women who worked rotating night shifts for more than 15 years also experienced a 25 percent higher risk of death due to lung cancer.

Previous research has acknowledged shift work’s many links to poor health: The World Health Organization deemed it a carcinogen in 2007 due to its repeated disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm, and it has also been associated with an increased risk for heart and brain problems. This study further reveals how important a role circadian rhythms play in cardiovascular health and tumor prevention.

“These results add to prior evidence of a potentially detrimental relation of rotating night shift work and health and longevity,” Eva S. Schernhammer, M.D., DrPH, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said in a statement. “To derive practical implications for shift workers and their health, the role of duration and intensity of rotating night shift work and the interplay of shift schedules with individual traits (e.g., chronotype) warrant further exploration.”


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog.  There has been a part of me, AGAIN, that has been vacillating between deleting everything and starting over, deleting all but a few posts, going strictly to art/photos to just not blogging at all.   I don’t know about other bloggers, but it’s a periodic thing I go through.  Kyle says it’s because I’m tired right now and I should just take a break.  When I’m tired I start getting into a retractive mindset — just want to delete everything and pull into myself and shut everyone and everything out.  It’s usually when I’m in this sort of way I will delete characters on the video games I play and then promptly turn around and create exactly the same type of character lol!

So I think, for now, I will focus on getting rested and see where things go from there!  Any suggestions are welcome btw!  Thank you for stopping by and love and hugs to you!

Some quotes that resonate today:

Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.
Arthur Koestler

We build too many walls and not enough bridges.
Isaac Newton

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.
Theodore Roethke

From the Daily Good today:


Ourselves and our organizations are living systems immersed within the living systems of society and our more-than-human world.
Giles Hutchins

Business the Way Nature Intended

Business the Way Nature IntendedApr 3, 2017— Giles Hutchins feels that study of our relationship with Nature can help us understand the challenges we face today. Climate change, rampant social inequality or rising stress in the workplace, all are symptomatic of our sense of place and purpose within life. Our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world is in desperate need of our attention.


What do we mean by ‘regenerative business’?

Regenerative business seeks to create the conditions conducive for life, by operating in ways that contribute, replenish and evolve within the evolution of life: business that is not just copying living systems logic but deeply embodying this logic, by seeking harmony within the rhythms, flows and evolutionary currents of life.

It is a strategic intent to serve life; a heart-felt mind-set that guides our journey.

This mind-set can be characterized as a shift from an overly mechanistic and materialistic perspective of the world rooted in separation, self-maximization, fear and control, towards a realization of the inter-connectedness of life. It is an awakened recognition that our selves and our organizations are living systems immersed within the living systems of society and our more-than-human world.

Mechanistic Characteristics                                    Future Fit Characteristics

Blame culture                                                            Compassionate culture

Controlling ethos                                                        Learning ethos

Remote management by numbers                             Distributed decision-making

Bureaucratic                                                               Self-organizing & locally-attuning

Short-term maximization for shareholders                 Value-creation for all stakeholders

Self-preservation/maximization                                  In service of life

Exploitation and enslavement                                    Empathy and empowerment

Extractive                                                                    Regenerative

Adversarial                                                                  Inspirational

Separation                                                                 Participation

Anthropocentric                                                           Interconnected

Fear-based                                                                  Love-based


7 comments on “3 April 2017 Adjustments (day shift to night shift/health risks associated with night shift) and Business the Way Nature Intended (Giles Hutchins, Daily Good)

    • Thank you and I hope so too. It’s a temporary situation thank goodness! Hope you all are well and having safe travels out there in this crazy world of ours!

  1. I understand the need to step away, Jackie, and completely support you to do so in whatever form you choose.

    It would be very sad if you were to delete your content. You have shared a great deal of material that could continue to be helpful. My own experience with stepping away was that people stumbled upon my blog and found what they needed whether or not I was actively maintaining it.

    I also understand the struggle with how to present through the blog. Perhaps it may help to remember that you are ALL these things, and more, and ever changing.

    There’s no wrong answer, Jackie. Do what feels best! xoxoM

    • Margarita will you please move to Texas…like next door?! The exchanges we’ve had through the years have helped me so much and you have a way of seeing through it all with light, heart and wisdom. I think the best thing is to just leave it alone and go forth. The whole reason I came back is exactly what you are talking about. I had left my page out there and someone liked a post after what seemed like years I had been away! They are no longer blogging but here I still am lol. Kyle keeps reminding me to write for myself first and don’t worry about it. So between you two and my inner voice I just need to quit worrying and “be still” about it! The bottom line to why I blog is I want to be helpful somehow in this world. I will pray/meditate on this too and see what comes. Thank you M! I’m so grateful for you!

      • I know M lol! I swore I would NEVER live in this state and yet 7 years later here I still am. It’s like that Hotel California song! We’d like to leave this state but anymore it doesn’t seem to matter where you go. Where you go, there you are right? So continuing to try to bloom where I’ve been planted! Love you!

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