2 April 2017 “Security Alert The identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified”, Net Neutrality changes will it adversely impact the online video game industry, and what innocent people do when they are accused of a crime

*Updated 4/2/2017 2:40 pm – I have made several revisions to the original post to include the title.  Something that came to me after this post was in regards to how changes to internet access (Net Neutrality) could adversely impact the online gaming industry.  Kyle and I are online gamers so this would affect us.  I had Kyle go into the Washington Post article and he didn’t get the same error I did so there may be something with just my computer.  We are both using the same operating system (Windows 10) and Trend Micro virus software.

Hello to you, I hope you are doing well.  I wish I could say I’m in good spirits this morning but I’m not.  After watching Texas politicians talk this morning about wanting to cut entitlement programs for the poor (Medicaid), raise property taxes so they can cut funding for public education and what’s going on with this Russian election cluster of shite I’m just flat out disgusted and sad.   I am, with great effort, trying to remember that there is far more good in this world than anything else and will be triumphant!  We just have to try our best to stick together through all this.

http://www.wfaa.com/news/politics/inside-texas-politics-4217/427507791 – excerpt:


The bi-annual budget unanimously approved by the Texas Senate slashes education spending by $1.8 billion. Property taxes could increase to make up the difference in local schools. Ross Ramsey, the co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, explained the formula behind it, how North Carolina’s repeal of its bathroom bill might affect similar legislation here, and the political impact of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s criminal trial potentially starting next month.”

So I was trying to read this Washington post article about EPA cuts and I had this error show up yet again! I have noticed it has been popping up more and more now when I try to read articles online that are controversial in nature or unfriendly to certain “agendas” we have going on right now.  Coincidence?  Just my computer?  I wonder.



Energy and Environment

New EPA documents reveal even deeper proposed cuts to staff and programs

By Juliet Eilperin, Chris Mooney and Steven Mufson

Net neutrality…….I wonder what kind of impact this will have on the gaming industry? I am thinking of console and PC gamers like Kyle, many of my family and friends and myself who require faster access speeds to keep up with online games.  

It’s that time again! It’s become a yearly tradition for Big Fish to put together a comprehensive view of the state of the gaming industry, including shifts and changes from the year before. This was an eventful year full of Video Game related news and developments. So take a moment, get comfortable and enjoy this overview of 2016 video game news and statistics!

Who is playing games?

155 million Americans play games regularly (This means 3 or more hours per weeks). 4 out of 5 households own a video game console. The average age of gamers is 35. The average number of years gamers have been playing games is 13. That’s the same amount of time most students spend from pre-school through high school graduation. That’s quite a lot of gaming education!

American video gaming sales (non-digital) stayed consistent in 2015 with 13.13 Billion dollars in sales.

Check out the interactive infographic below to find out the international mobile gaming revenue projections from 2014 and beyond.




Net Neutrality Is Trump’s Next Target, Administration Says


MARCH 30, 2017

The Trump administration served notice on Thursday that its next move to deregulate broadband internet service companies would be to jettison the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which were intended to safeguard free expression online.

My soapbox:

Why would you attack the very entity that helped you get elected?!  The answer that comes to me, “Because it doesn’t do and say exactly what I want it to.”   When you are used to getting your way or having control over everything in your life, anything that doesn’t obey you will be eliminated or severely censored.  This coming from me, a Type A (control orientated) sort of personality in reform!  As I’ve gotten older, I have realized there is a great futility that can be found being a control freak aka “Type A” personality….it just gets exhausting and the more you try to control, the less control you actually  have.

Here’s the thing for me about all of this crap going on and I address this directly to President Trump and anyone involved with this Russia interfering with our election mess:

If you are innocent, if all of this is fake news, a hoax, a scam, a witch hunt then don’t lie,  don’t obstruct evidence, don’t threaten people or tell the news media to ‘shut up’ about it.  Become completely cooperative and transparent if you have nothing to hide!  To me, if you are putting conditions on telling the truth then more than likely you are guilty of something and or have something to hide.  If you are guilty, then like every other citizen in this country, you should be held accountable for your crimes.




2 comments on “2 April 2017 “Security Alert The identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified”, Net Neutrality changes will it adversely impact the online video game industry, and what innocent people do when they are accused of a crime

  1. Interesting article I found done from 2014 when we dealt with the net neutrality issue: http://kotaku.com/net-neutrality-and-gaming-things-can-get-a-lot-worse-1507677978
    Michael Weinberg, Andre Vrignaud1/24/14 12:00pm
    After last week’s court decision striking down the Federal Communication Commission’s net neutrality rule, it is worth taking a moment to remember that a world without net neutrality—the principle that the company that connects you to the internet does not get to control what you do on the internet — is a world that is bad for everyone who does not own stock in major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Any time things change so that ISPs are in a position to decide what succeeds and fails online, everyone else is going to lose.

  2. From the inventor of the internet on net neutrality:

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/tim-berners-lee-privacy-is-not-a-partisan-thing/ar-BBzlAFQ?OCID=ansmsnnews11 – use link for complete article
    Tim Berners-Lee: ‘Privacy is not a partisan thing’
    The Guardian
    Sam Thielman in New York
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web, was declared recipient of the prestigious Association for Computing Machinery’s AM Turing award on Tuesday.
    In an interview with the Guardian, Berners-Lee discussed the “appalling” attitude of Republican politicians seeking to roll back net neutrality protections, how his own legacy intersects with the great Alan Turing’s, and the astonishing progress of the web since he launched the very first website on 1 August 1991.

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