29 March 2017 Flowers and storm clouds (pictures) and remembering a wonderful teacher (Mr. Richard Greeno)

Hello to you.  I hope you are doing well today.  Some “weather” came through early this morning but everything is ok at our place.  The spring storm season is off to the races here in North Texas – already having tornados and golf ball size hail in the area.  We are supposed to have more stuff coming in this weekend.  The nice thing about what I call “tuss-ups” is the air  and everything is nice and clean for a few days afterwards.

I went back to bed after Kyle went to work and woke up to hearing what sounded like Kyle’s voice calling my name a bunch of times and then I heard a loud “ding” which was a text from my Dad asking me if I remembered a Richard Greeno as he passed away Monday at the age of 88.  How could I forget Mr. Greeno?!  He is one of a handful of teachers from my time in school that I remember with great fondness and gratitude.  I can even remember what his voice sounded like and how animated he always was – full of energy and enthusiasm for well….EVERYTHING!  He was a quirky, funny and extremely energetic person who just lit up the world around him.  He was both my cross country running coach and my Biology teacher when I attended Lincoln Sr. High School in Sioux Falls SD.  A silly memory I have of him is his having us out on one of our many training runs he always had us doing and his nose started to run.  He didn’t have a tissue so he grabbed a leaf.  As tiny a memory as that is, in that little thing he did, he taught me about resourcefulness!  I know it’s silly to remember that, but that’s the kind of person he was.  He was never afraid to just be himself around us; one of the most authentic people I knew.  I am grateful for the time he and I shared in this world and my love and prayers go out to his family, friends and all who knew and loved him.


“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” ~Carl Jung

I hope your today is filled with all the best the God of your understanding has prepared just for you.  These past few months have been pretty rocky for me in many ways, and I know they have been for most anyone who stops by here.  The message I got this morning in my prayer and meditation was to stay in my Heart space.  No matter what comes my way, I must always try to see with the eyes of my heart. 

9 Feb 2017 – powerful words with the heart with wings. What we focus on gains power.


2 comments on “29 March 2017 Flowers and storm clouds (pictures) and remembering a wonderful teacher (Mr. Richard Greeno)

    • Yes Margarita he was one of those kind of teachers that just made a lasting impression on me. He helped me navigate the difficulties of being a loner in High school and his encouragement of my running helped me feel like I belonged somewhere.

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