23 March 2017 Dream about my Uncle (trucker’s), A Place in My Heart (poem) and The Man Who Planted Trees (Daily Good)

Hello to you today. I hope as you visit me from wherever you are in your time and place that you are well. I’m recovering from watching the news this morning.   When I see all of what’s going on, I try to remember when you plant rotten seed, you’re going to get rotten fruit.  Seed, in this case, a metaphor for what outcomes we get in this world from counter-productive and often divisive teachings occurring in our homes, schools, government buildings, media rooms, amongst family and friends.  You reap what you sow.  So for my part, I will continue to try to plant good seeds in hopes that even if they don’t germinate in my lifetime, someday they could!  What kind of “garden” are you planning?  Mind your seeds!

Be the change you want to see – Mahatma Gandhi

This morning I woke up after a dream about my Uncle Ron. The dream about my Uncle was triggered by seeing an older truck driver get out of his cab after we had put gas in our car on Monday. I immediately thought of my Uncle when I saw this man. He looked so stiff and exhausted as he got out of his truck to go in to the Quick Trip off of I-35.

My Uncle Ron and his Mom and my Mom.

My Uncle Ron was a truck driver for many years of his life and died of lymphoma (form of cancer) way too young. He was one of my favorite Uncles! I mean you know your Uncle is awesome when he remembers you love Foreigner 4 and buys you a cassette of their music for your birthday! I have many special memories of him which include his taking the time on his travels to come and visit me even after I was in the military. I can remember one visit in particular of his wanting to meet with my ex and I at a truck stop. I think we were living in California at the time. I can remember us getting to the designated truck stop and going in there to look for my Uncle and just seeing all these lonely and tired men sitting there. Men like my Uncle just taking a break from their lonely travels. It was so sad! I’m so glad that more trucker’s have found way to incorporate companionship into their work by bringing along their family and or pets.  My prayers go out to the men, women…families…that are out there making this world and all it’s goods go.

(one of my all-time favorite Foreigner songs from the cassette Uncle Ron bought for me so many years ago for my birthday!)

Anyways. The dream was of such a meeting with my Uncle.  For some reason in the dream I was running beside his truck and talking to him at the same time. I told him I was afraid to knock on his maroon colored cab door because it might startle him and cause an accident! I am grateful for such a dream and opportunity to remember such a good man.

Poem from my Grandma Schmidt for today:

A Place in My Heart

There is a place deep down in my heart

Which has sheltered me many a year,

A stronghold of Faith that defies all the worst

That we’re bound to come up against here.

There is a place in my heart full of Hope,

Like a spring in the desert of living,

And its waters are cool and they nourish my soul,

With the joy of unselfish giving.

There is a place in my heart full of Love,

That warms through the coldest night,

Sustaining my always, in spite of my fears,

As I walk toward the tunnel of light.

For I am a child of the Lord, and I know

From the start of the day ’til its close,

That Faith, Hope and Love are dear to His heart,

….and He’s given me plenty of those.

Each day is a push and pull between our best and worst natures and I am always praying the best will win out in the end. Much Faith, Hope, Light and Love to you today. Just BREATHE!

From the Daily Good, The Man Who Planted Trees: A Conversation with David Milarch


Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me? Walt Whitman

The Man Who Planted Trees

Mar 23, 2017— Twenty some years ago David Milarch hovered above the bed, looking down at his motionless body. Years of alcoholism and hard living had booted him out of his life. A cosmic commandment would return him to it. His improbable charge? To clone the world’s champion trees – the giants that had survived millennia and would be unvanquished by climate change. Experts said it couldn’t be done. Fast-forward to today, and Milarch is now the keeper of a Noah’s Ark of sorts, filled with the genetics for repopulating the world’s most ancient trees. Founder of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive he is on a mission to restore the lungs of the planet — a mission that now reaches close to 300 million people each year. “Spend a couple of days in an old-growth forest, you’ll come out different from when you went in. Those trees affect our physical, mental and especially our spiritual bodies. Redwoods have been on this planet for 400 million years longer than humans. I believe that trees have a soul, they have a conscience. And I do believe that anyone, everyone can learn to communicate with them.” Milarch shares more in this fascinating in-depth interview.


3 comments on “23 March 2017 Dream about my Uncle (trucker’s), A Place in My Heart (poem) and The Man Who Planted Trees (Daily Good)

    • It is sad because I miss him but know that he’s not suffering anymore. Lymphoma, any sort of cancer, is a vicious way to die and he didn’t deserve that. Yes, he had great taste in music and he loved me! Much love to you my friends.

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