20 March 2017 The benefits of buying local (G & L Hardware Alvarado TX), revisiting my Grandma’s love for me and Meredith’s Joy Jars (Daily Good)

Hello to you this bright and sunny afternoon. I hope this finds you well today.

I wanted to share a little something that happened today. I have begun working on the repairs I can do in our house and needed some supplies. We were heading into Burleson anyway for pet stuff and decided to add Lowe’s to the trip. We went into Lowe’s looking for spackle for wall repairs and paint. There was a woman working in the paint section and was helping another customer. No problem. The problem was when Kyle was standing in front of her and she looked at him probably three or four times without even acknowledging him! This kind of treatment happens so often when we go into large box stores.

We both agreed that it was time to visit the newly reopened Hardware store in our town square and we are so glad we did! For starters everyone working there said hello when we came in and Clint, one of the store owners I think, came and talked to us and helped us find everything we needed. He even gave us advice on how to preserve the spackle if there was any left over. We told him what happened at Lowes and he said he used to work there and had the same experience happen to him….ignored by 7 different associates! Clint knows first hand the key element to a successful business is establishing a relationship with your customers and actually caring about them. When they get their paint mixer we will have even less reasons to go to Lowes. Thank you Clint!

Information for our new hardware store in the Alvarado TX town square.

https://www.facebook.com/GLGeneralStore/ – their FB page

Today’s Daily Good feature about Meredith’s Joy Jars reminded me of something my Grandma Irene Schmidt used to do for me to help me through hard times. In her letters she would include an inspirational poem or prayer she would clip out of the daily newspaper. I’m so grateful I kept these and I am going to start sharing them with you too. May be one or all of them will help you if you are in a rough patch.

20 March 2017 – old picture of Grandma and I when she was still physically here. I miss her nearly every day.

Take Time – from my Grandma Irene Schmidt, 1993

Life is so precious

Don’t waste a day!

Live life to the fullest

In small simple ways

Take time, smell the roses.

Hear the song of a bird.

Takie time, say “I love you,”

Three beautiful words!

Take time, watch the sunset

All pink, red and gold.

Take time and just stand still;

It’s a sight to behold.

Take time, watch the moon rise

And spread its soft light.

You can feel God’s sweet presence

In the still of the night.

Take time and just listen

And you’ll hear Him say,

“I love you, My child

And I’m with you each day.”

No more will we worry,

Our cares disappear

When we take time

And know God is near.

http://www.dailygood.org/2017/03/20/meredith-s-joy-jars/ – this is a great story and such a simple, but loving thing to do to help people.

All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin. Lord Byron

Meredith’s Joy Jars

Mar 20, 2017— “While having trouble transitioning to high school in 2011, my mom placed a big bowl of quotes on my desk to pick from every morning. I grudgingly agreed, but as time went on I realized what a gift this tool truly was. Taping the words of wisdom across my walls and carrying my favorites inside my phone case, I truly believed that each quote I picked was something that I was meant to hear. Later, when I was at costume crew, a friend opened the back of my phone case to see why it was so bulky, and hundreds of my little paper slips floated out. To my surprise, the reaction wasn’t confusion, but sincere interest! After seeing how many people were excited about these daily quotes, together my mom and I packaged a month’s worth into small jars. Requests came pouring in from friends, neighbors, and soon people all over the US.” In celebration of the International Day of Happiness watch this beautiful short video on Meredith’s Joy Jars.


4 comments on “20 March 2017 The benefits of buying local (G & L Hardware Alvarado TX), revisiting my Grandma’s love for me and Meredith’s Joy Jars (Daily Good)

    • Over the years we have had to work at how we shop and where. Where we spend our money for good and services is a great power we have and must use in these times! I bet you have some really cool places there. Our little town is working to get our old town alive again – we will do what we can to help! Much love to you M!

  1. to buy local is avery good thing, I agree ;o) It’s great that the statue is still in your family… and I’m so happy that you still have the poems and the prayers your grandma sent once.. my grandma did that too, she often sent me a quote or a poem she saw on the backside of her calendar and I still have them… it’s like having her on my side for a moment when I read the quote and poems again …

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