3 March 2017 Shattered stone angel (drawing) and outdoor chalk drawings

Good morning family, hope you are well as I write to you. It’s Friday at 8:34 am and mostly what I have to share with you is art stuff and a little story about a tiny stone angel.

About a year or so ago now I was at the Ft Worth Stockyards Holistic Fair and bought a pendulum that consisted of a little angel made out of Fluorite and a Merkaba shaped star….they were chained together. Well I decided at some point to separate them (set them free) and things were going well with that intention until this morning!

Angels, stars (Merkaba), and cats on a stove top

Angels, stars (Merkaba), and cats on a stove top (18 Nov 2016 was when I took this picture)

Last night, before bed I did a drawing of the little angel and even took a picture of her with the drawing this morning. Then, a few minutes ago I dropped her and as soon as she hit the tile that was it! Kyle was quick to remind me, “You enjoyed her while you had her.” What’s interesting is the wisps I added to the drawing of her last night…surrounding her…foreshadowing of her pending fate?

“Enjoy the glass, eventually point it’s going to break!”

I hope you enjoy this moment, this day, this life….the “this” that is you right now. As the word Tathata describes….there is only “this” and such a “this” will only be “this” once.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Anderson


5 comments on “3 March 2017 Shattered stone angel (drawing) and outdoor chalk drawings

  1. that sounds a little like you have this special sense….and I love the way your Kyle can handle such things… he is right… we enjoyed the things as long as we had them… very wise ;O)

    • That is an idea M – right now I put the pieces with other crystals I have which includes the remains of an solid Amethyst ring I had and broke twice – more tile victims lol. I think in the future it’s all carpets for me LOL. Love to you my friend.

    • Gave your idea some more thought M – challenge accepted! There is enough of the top of the angel to attempt to wire wrap a pendant. I guess she will be “bound” to me instead of the crystal star lol. Thank you for the suggestion my friend.

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