2 March 2017 May kitty update, drawings and FFXIV Little Ladies Day Event (David and Morrigu)

Good morning family.  It’s 12:36 pm on this Thursday as I write to you.  Hard to believe yet another week has fast forwarded by me!  I wanted to thank one and all who have sent positive prayer and intention towards our little old lady kitty May (and of course us).  She has been eating the Fancy Feast wet food Kyle got for her and her cough has lessened.  For some reason the Sheba Pate food lost its favor with her and we think that’s why she stopped eating.  I’ve started to  give her a little bit of dandelion yesterday in case she wanted it and she ate it.  She and Amber have always loved to get some “greens” (cat grass and catnip especially) once in awhile.   I wonder if it helped with her inflammation pains and digestion like it’s helped me?  All I know is I’m so grateful she seems to be feeling better for however long it lasts.  There is great power in loving prayer for whomever it is intended!  Thank you!

Some may see the fuss I’m making over my family members with four legs and fur and roll their eyes.  I’ve never had children.  I can never have children.  Our May, Spot and Link are the closest I’ll ever get to having even a semblance of what it’s like to have children….hence the fuss.  Their presence in my life fills the “maternal void” of women like me who choose and or are unable to fill that void through procreation.

Changing gears……

The drawings today aren’t spectacular but I’m sharing them anyways.  May be the shapes, the colors, the theme will resonate with one of  you today.  The pictures of the video game characters are from FFXIV the MMORPG that Kyle plays on the PS4.  Kyle did the Little Ladies Day Event for both of the avatars we created together, David Orion (in honor of David Bowie) and Morrigu Deangelic (the Goddess Morrigu and Deangelic is a name Kyle has used for video gaming most of his life).   In FFXIV you have both a first and last name for your characters.  I thought it would be fun to share with you.  Kyle really enjoys this game but will be giving it up when he goes back to work until the outage is over.  There is no sense in paying for something he won’t have the time or energy to play!


I hope you have a fantastic day.  We are trying to get things back to positive here after so long in the low ranges.  Much love and light to you!

Vincent Van Gogh wisdom today

Vincent Van Gogh wisdom today


7 comments on “2 March 2017 May kitty update, drawings and FFXIV Little Ladies Day Event (David and Morrigu)

    • Thank you Margarita! I appreciate your positive intentions. She’s doing well this morning – definitely the food! I put myself in her shoes and think how fortunate I am that if I’m bored with a food or something doesn’t taste good how I can just choose something else. Our pets don’t have that luxury lol! They can’t just tell us what’s wrong either like with people so just having to learn patience lesson again! Much love to you!

      • We try to mix it up for our kitty Chi, Jackie. She doesn’t like that. She likes her dry food and only one brand of treats. Oh, and licking the olive juice off my fingers, lol! 😉 xoM

  1. I’m glad that you could share some good news… all paws are crossed here and we send power and hugs… and I think the grass can be a good idea ;o) … I like dragonflies, as I was a child I thought they are magic somehow, because of the color and the fact that they can “stay” in the air :o)

    • Thanks so much! She is doing good this morning too – thank you for your crossed paws and prayers! Dragonflies are amazing! Like organic jeweled helicopters! So many different colors and so amazing to watch. They like to follow me when I cut the lawn lol.

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