26 Feb 2017 Problems with owning a home built on expansive clay soil, outdoor chalk drawings, Three Ways to Keep Technology From Ruining Your Relationships (Daily Good Christine Carter)

Good morning family, how are you doing?  It’s 9:13 am as I write to you this increasingly cloudy Sunday morning.  May be it will rain, we could use more water here for as I write to you, I just heard another loud pop from the ceiling cracking in our bedroom lol.

Our house is built on a slab directly atop expansive clay soil.  When this kind of soil dries out it expands creating deep cracks and fissures.  Our house, not built with expensive piers or a deep poured foundation with flexible rebarb reinforcements, gets twisted like a pretzel every time we go through a dry spell.  The way most people combat this problem is having sprinkler systems installed around the perimeters of the house or soaker hoses set up.  The only problem with this, city water is so expensive!   We’ve spent a lot of money on interior repairs and exterior repairs (had 13 piers put in under our existing foundation) that get undone just about as soon as they are done because of this condition.  So fair warning to those looking to buy homes that are built on soil like here in North Texas, do your homework first!

http://www.foundation-repair-guide.com/expansive-soil.html – (see link for all info if you are interested)

Getting Control of Expansive Soil

Expansive soil, also called shrink-swell soil, is a very common cause of foundation problems. Depending upon the supply of moisture in the ground, shrink-swell soils will experience changes in volume of up to thirty percent or more. Foundation soils which are expansive will “heave” and can cause lifting of a building or other structure during periods of high moisture. Conversely during periods of falling soil moisture, expansive soil will “collapse” and can result in building settlement. Either way, damage can be extensive.

So I spend a lot of time outside so I don’t focus on this stuff too much lol.  It’s just frustrating for us to spend money that feels like we own a swimming pool or a boat instead of a house.  When we get some money together we will be looking for someone to do the exterior woodwork of the house with hopes that will be a fix that holds up for more than a couple of months!  These are the kinds of things they don’t figure in when they tell you that you qualify to buy a used house.  This is probably why so many people choose to buy new ones if they can afford it.

Anyhew….back to brevity.  Did a lot of chalk drawings outside yesterday and just enjoyed the beautiful day with clear blue skies.  Hope you have a lovely rest of whatever day it is for you as you visit.  Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it!

From the Daily Good site if your interested:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo Da Vinci


The human spirit must prevail over technology.
Albert Einstein

Three Ways to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Relationships

Jan 8, 2017— We all know there’s nothing like a warm smile, loving hug, sympathetic eyes, shared laughter, or long talks. These are the things that make us human and happy, and they are best done in person. Yet sometimes we are too busy to get together. Enter technology, with promises of improving relationships. However tempting, technology needs to be limited. While Facebook, Instagram, and e-mail give us the ability to reach and learn about more people, the parts about the experience that are lacking — vulnerability and intimacy — are the ones that bring us closer. Similarly, smartphones make us available 24/7, but this can mean constant interruptions. These can cause tiny tears in the fabric of our relationships that can eventually add up to real damage to happiness. In this article, learn three ways to prevent the damage that technology can do to our real-life experiences.


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