25 Feb 2017 I want my words to be Heirloom quality seeds (choosing your Words more carefully) and Drawings

Good morning family, it’s 9:12 am on this beautiful Saturday morning as I write to you from here in North Texas.  I hope that wherever and whenever you are right now, that you are doing well in mind, body and spirit.  I hope you love and are loved in a meaningful way that fulfills you in this life.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of “art” if that’s what you want to call it….”personal expression.”  I know that it’s not ground-breaking stuff but it is proving very helpful to me in these times.  For the past few months I’ve been struggling to stay in a positive place.  I’m getting  to the point I don’t even want to write any more, just draw pictures….retreat into a world of colors and shapes.

Words seem more like ammunition to me now than a useful tool.  Some days it feels like everything I need to say has already been said and it just doesn’t matter anymore because my words are just another part of the wall of text that is this world.  It seems like so many people are “talking” but so few are really reading and listening…actually processing the words of this world.  The only thing people seem to really have time for is a flash of something and then they are on to the next thing…..an entire world of people with Attention Deficit Disorder…..by design.

So I am starting to be more careful about the Words I do use these days.  Perhaps at last brevity has found me!

I want my words to be Heirloom quality seeds you can plant and grow beautiful flowers for now and for future generations.” 

When we have arrived at the question, the answer is already near.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

http://www.dailygood.org/story/1524/say-your-truths-and-seek-them-in-others-elizabeth-lesser/ – Daily Good article today

My sister left me with so many things, and I’m going to leave you now with just one of them. You don’t have to wait for a life-or-death situation to clean up the relationships that matter to you, to offer the marrow of your soul and to seek it in another. We can all do this. We can be like a new kind of first responder, like the one to take the first courageous step toward the other, and to do something or try to do something other than rejection or attack. We can do this with our siblings and our mates and our friends and our colleagues. We can do this with the disconnection and the discord all around us. We can do this for the soul of the world.


2 comments on “25 Feb 2017 I want my words to be Heirloom quality seeds (choosing your Words more carefully) and Drawings

  1. I like what you wrote about relationships, you’re right, there is no waiting for a special day or event… if we do it now it is done and we have more time to feel better … and proud that we cleaned it up…

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