22 Feb 2017 Managing pain without drugs, gratitude and fun with chalk

Good afternoon family!  How are you doing there?  I’m doing better than I was this morning.  Feels like I’m having what I call a “phantom cycle” and my lower abdomen has been miserable up until  now lol.  We don’t keep pain medication in the house anymore.  I try to use holistic/natural techniques first and resort to other “traditional” methods as a last resort.   I have learned that when I am feeling pain mentally/spiritually (inside stuff)  it will manifest in my physical body.  I use an approach to dealing with my physically manifested problems that is being used in integrated medicine.  I start with the inside first and work my way out!  An acronym I learned in AA was “HALT” (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) to help me do this.  It’s a tool to help me figure out why I might be feeling a certain way.

This said, my physical pain is probably a combination of factors and one of them is one I can do absolutely nothing about and that’s just getting older LOL!  My body is changing and it’s taking some adapting on my part both mentally and physically…..heavy on the mental part.  I am not happy my physical body doesn’t recognize the young woman, sometimes child, alive and well in this body!  Some days are so fluid and I feel like I’m perfectly synched between my inside and outside self and then there are days like today!  Kyle was worrying about me and as soon as I told him I felt like this was an evil ovary phantom cycle, he was like “OOOOH okay!”

To manage the pain I was feeling today I did a couple of things.  I rubbed some Peppermint essential oil on the parts of my abdomen which are achy and that helped.  Then I went outside and took off my shoes and socks.  It’s really clear and sunny today and time in the sun tends to help me with most anything I’ve got going on.  I set up my pieces of orgonite in a circle and just stood in that space for awhile and that helped.  Something about having direct contact with the damp earth really helps me especially with inflammation.  Lastly I brought out my cot and laid in the middle of the orgonite circle holding my Keshe Foundation inspired copper healing tool I made and put the mostly bees wax orgonite piece on my head.   I know it probably sounds weird, but it works for me.

Another way I get help for this kind of pain is from my husband!  Making love and the big “O” do wonders for managing pain too!  I knew it from my own personal experience and felt validated after reading this book by Dr. Wilhelm Reich on the subject: https://www.amazon.com/Function-WILHELM-translated-CARFAGNO-VINCENT/dp/0285649701/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1487796486&sr=8-3-fkmr1&keywords=Function+of+the+Orgasm+Dr.+Wilhelm+Reich

I share this for those women out there who may be going through a similar “phase of life” and for the men married to women who are going through this but aren’t talking to them about it!  Hope this is helpful to you somehow!

After all this I finally felt better and did some outside chalk drawing.    Nothing spectacular but it’s a very absorbing thing to do and it allows me to be outside.  When I sit outside and draw like this, it really allows me to see and connect with the beings I’m sharing my home with.  There are so many “eyes of God” bearing witness to my existence and what I’m doing….reporting in to the “management” lol.  If you think about it, every living creature on the planet is a part of the one God/Source/Universe!  For example, today a tiny little spider decided it liked crawling around on a green chalk in the new box….may be they were giving me the managements preference for the next color to use in my drawing lol.

There is something magical about watching thousands of tiny baby spiders clinging to a lone thread of prismatic shine, traversing countless dimensions to find new homes.  

Much love to you all today!



4 comments on “22 Feb 2017 Managing pain without drugs, gratitude and fun with chalk

  1. I’m so glad you have tools for pain relief, Jackie! Basil essential oil is also helpful for abdominal issues. Another thing that works well is a foot massage with essential oils, especially focusing on the area just under the ball of the foot, representing the stomach. And a helpful husband is a great boon! 😉 xoxoM

    • It’s funny you mention the foot part – I have been putting Peppermint oil on my feet before bed and that’s been helping with “hot feet” which allows me to sleep! I will try the massage aspect. I don’t have any Basil but the next time I order oils I’ll keep that in mind – thank you! You are a Wise Woman indeed dear M! Love to you!

    • You collect Monkeys? I have sock monkeys – mostly from family and friends through the years. We now have a spare bedroom devoted to the darn things. I have told everyone – NO MORE SOCK MONKEYS lol. What kind of Monkeys do you collect? That would be neat to see sometime. I have Princess Celestia left with these Pony’s and I’m flagging myself! Much love to you my friend!

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