20 Feb 2017 Evening Drawing

Hello family.  Just a short post before Kyle and I retire for the day.  I haven’t been feeling 100 percent today so I had to honor my body and rest.  As each year passes I understand my Grandparents and those older than me more and more!  Inside I am enthusiastically in millions of different places at once but in reality I’m just stepping out the door to admire the flowers in our backyard with Link and Spot in toe bitching about my back aching the whole way lol.


Tonight I sat down with my sketchpad under my sun lamp next to Link and Spot.  Gradually a lovely woman of the “wispy nature” decided to peer out at me from another dimension.  I tried to scan the image but I guess the lines were too fine for the scanner to read them – hence the photo!  Sorry!  I was going to go over the drawing with my fine tip pen but I decided against it.  Sometimes the fine lines and details of a portrait get lost in the translation from pencil to pen!

I was looking for a poem or a phrase to go along with this drawing and I ended up finding a fellow WordPress blogger’s page I hadn’t seen before.  This phrase from their post from May of last year resonated –  I thought it was beautiful:


She becomes like an open doorway from the Absolute down to creation. Such a human being becomes a link of love between the worlds.

~~~~~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, For Love of the Real, p.11


20 Feb 2017 - my drawing this evening of a lovely woman seeming to peer through a dimension at me.

20 Feb 2017 – my drawing this evening of a lovely woman seeming to peer through a dimension at me.

Much love to you today wherever and whenever you are as you visit me here.  I hope that all the most loving, wonderful good the God of your understanding has in store for you is manifest.  You deserve all the best!  🙂


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