17 Feb 2017 Today’s Drawing (Antique Brooches)

Good evening family.  It’s 6:47 pm as I write to you.  I hope this finds you well in whatever time, place and space you are as you visit me here.  I am planning on being “unplugged” from here and social media this weekend,  so I decided to share my drawing tonight.

The drawing I did today was again free-hand and without tools (obviously LOL).  It’s really absorbing to do this kind of drawing!  I actually have experienced muscle pains in my head afterwards…like I’m flexing brain muscles I didn’t know I had LOL!  Silly I know, but just telling you like it is for me.

Anyhew,  as I look at it completed, it makes me think of a fancy jeweled brooch or a design on the bottom of a swimming pool.  I like the fancy brooch idea best though.  It would be a pain in the ass for somebody to replicate this design with jewels but after doing a quick search of antique brooches and pins….yeah people have been making elaborate brooches for a long time!


Much love to you and thank you for stopping by!


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