16 Feb 2017 Dreams (afterlife, Vikings and Valhalla), Intersecting shapes (drawing) and Laurel Burch (Daily Good sites feature story for today)

Good morning family. It’s a beautiful morning here as I write to you. The dogs and I were just out back admiring the lovely blue skies and spending some time with our lovely sun star. I found myself moved to tears holding Link and watching one of the most important beings on this planet dance it’s way through the many petals of a dandelion flower. I get so full of love and gratitude that it has to fall out of my eyes!

15 Feb 2017 - chalk drawing I did yesterday of a cluster of dandelions

15 Feb 2017 – chalk drawing I did yesterday of a cluster of dandelions

So last nights dream was memorable enough to get me out of bed about 4:45 am and write it down. I guess my mind was finally processing the show Vikings and it did so in a pretty profound way. What I remember was of seeing a scene of a young girl you might see in an very old fashion black and white picture. She was standing in a forest and I could hear a voice saying something about life after death. How sometimes there is a knowing but not knowing after it happens…going to another world and may be remembering some of the world you leave behind. Then I was darkness and laying next to someone and I said, “I thank the Gods for allowing us to transition together.” Then I heard someone expressing agreement “mmmmm hmmm” (probably Kyle snoring lol).

The last part of this dream sequence was of seeing some almost transparent people running towards a gate. I ran after them but they were already inside and the gate was firmly shut. I stood at the gate and was trying to force it open and yelling, “Let me in!” Finally I was able to force my way in. Once I was inside, I was helping to keep the gate shut from the forces I could feel pushing to get in (this was probably my brain processing the episode about Ragnar going to Valhalla, the 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial about immigration and from sleeping next to Spot and her gradually pushing me off the bed LOL).

On the Vikings official or fan page I can remember reading one ladies comment about her wanting a spin-off show called Valhalla. This way we could continue to see all the characters that got killed off this past season! Love that idea LOL!

The life and death of Ragnar really touched me. Travis Fimmel brought Ragnar to life in such a powerful way that it’s a hard to watch the show without him being there!  I miss him!  I’m excited Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined the cast of the show but I don’t want to get too attached to his character Bishop Heahmund!  I just know they will kill him off eventually too lol!  That’s how history works….everybody dies in the end.

Valhalla – for those unfamiliar with Norse mythology

In Norse mythology, Valhalla (from Old Norse Valhöll “hall of the slain”) is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries, while the other half go to the goddess Freyja’s field Fólkvangr.

I saw this was the feature story for the Daily Good site today and wanted to share it here too!  Love Laurel’s work and love how she used art, like I do but MUCH more successfully, to get through all the difficulties she faced from very early on in her life.


The Art & Inspiration of Laurel Burch

Those who are familiar with Laurel Burch’s hopeful, whimsical, colorful art might be surprised to find she was struggling with pain for most of her life; her outlook was the polar opposite of how she felt physically. Diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at the age of 7, Burch’s bones would easily break or fracture just from a fall or bump. Raising two children on her own was quite a challenge not just physically but financially. Art proved to be her saving grace. She dedicated herself to creativity, eventually becoming hugely successful and an inspiration worldwide. Rather than expressing her pain, she chose to lift people up, to make them feel good. In this interview, Burch talks about her courage — something she humbly says is nothing special but rather a quality we all have; we just need to use it. Ten years after her death, her spirit lives on in her artwork.

Laurel Burch Story

I am sending much love and hugs through the wires and on the winds that sustain all of us!  Take a moment and really look around you today – what do you see?



4 comments on “16 Feb 2017 Dreams (afterlife, Vikings and Valhalla), Intersecting shapes (drawing) and Laurel Burch (Daily Good sites feature story for today)

    • I kind of preserve them by taking pictures of them but otherwise no – that’s kind of why I like to do them. They last as long as they last and then the weather comes and washes them away so I can make something new. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment. Sometimes my drawings don’t make any sense and it makes me feel better to know someone else appreciates them too 🙂 Much love to you today my friend!

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