11 Feb 2017 Tree’s of Life, Chalk drawings and Optical Glass Sculptures (fine glass artist Jack Storms)


Hello to you family!  I hope that wherever and whenever you are on this beautiful planet we call Earth that you are doing well today!  I am a little bummed out.  The camera on a Apple IPhone 4 cell phone we bought used isn’t working right anymore.  The phone was out of date when we bought it, but it was an upgrade from the “tricorder” style we had before!  Unfortunately, I dropped the phone just once without a case and…yep!  Now it’s on the fritz.  They need to make these darn things more durable!  Thankfully I kept the other camera and it still works lol!  Technology is great when it works right?!

Anyhew…  I have been doing some creative stuff lately to keep my spirits up.  Much love, hugs and light from my dimension to yours!

I was surfing You Tube to see if I could find something interesting in the crafts realm to watch and I found Jack Storms….ooooohhh shinies!!!  I love the shinies lol!  Having something like this in my house would be hilarious for other people.  They would just see me shifting back and forth admiring the prisms of color in the sunlight all day long lol!  I found it really interesting to hear a master craftsman speak about his thought processes for making these objects of such beauty.  I hope you will enjoy it too.  This is the direction of my focus these days – the creation of beauty in the world and all the different ways it is being done.

Optical Glass Sculptures by fine art glass artist Jack Storms – The Glass Sculptor


http://jackstorms.com/?_escaped_fragment_=__artwork – website to see more of his work

https://www.facebook.com/stormsart/?hc_ref=SEARCH – Facebook page


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