5 Feb 2017 Trees Need Not Walk the Earth (David Rosenthal poem) and Eye of the Storm (Evosia Studios time-lapse video of Iceland’s beauty)

Good morning family!  I hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are as you visit me here.  I finally got some “dream-sleep” last night for which I’m grateful.  There was a presence or strong energy signature I sensed milling about again before bed last night, but they didn’t disturb our sleep.  I like to think whoever or whatever they are, they are  just settling in to their post to watch over us as we sleep.

This morning on the dog walk we stopped by the mailbox and there was a letter from my Mom in there!  It is a blessing to have someone who loves you and takes the time to tell  you in writing!  She and I may agree to disagree on many things but there is one thing that is never up for negotiation or compromise and that is our love for each other!

This morning I decided I wanted to focus on things I think are beautiful.  I want to do my part to bring light and beauty into this world….chase out the darkness.  I hope you enjoy what I have chosen to share.

“We may seem to be merely strangers but I assure you we are anything but.  We have crossed paths once again.  Only the unbreakable thread of love could assure such a meeting.”  (Me)



Trees Need Not Walk the Earth

David Rosenthal

Trees need not walk the earth
For beauty or for bread;
Beauty will come to them
Where they stand.
Here among the children of the sap
Is no pride of ancestry:
A birch may wear no less the morning
Than an oak.
Here are no heirlooms
Save those of loveliness,
In which each tree
Is kingly in its heritage of grace.
Here is but beauty’s wisdom
In which all trees are wise.
Trees need not walk the earth
For beauty or for bread;
Beauty will come to them
In the rainbow—
The sunlight—
And the lilac-haunted rain;
And bread will come to them
As beauty came:
In the rainbow—
In the sunlight—
In the rain.


Eye of the Storm 4K Ultra HD  – Mother and Father Earth speaking in the language of color and light

Published on Apr 2, 2014

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Update: Join me on a timelapse and aerial expedition in Iceland! EvosiaStudios.com/workshops/

Eye of the Storm is a winter saga in Iceland. In Iceland there are many kinds of storms. Ice, snow, rain, sand, ash, solar, magnetic, and more.

Storms are agents of change. While often destructive and unpredictable, they also demonstrate the unyielding power of nature. They reveal nature’s beauty and its hand in creating the landscapes we see today.

Shot in Iceland between February and March, 2014, I was lucky enough to witness and film the power of an X-class solar flare and coronal mass ejection hitting our atmosphere. The resulting auroras were a sight hard to believe, even in person and seeing it with my very own eyes. Enjoy the film!

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/evosia
Website: http://evosiastudios.com
Music: The Eye of the Storm by Shaun Diaz, http://www.shaundiazmusic.com

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this film possible:
Kessler Crane – Film equipment, motion control gear – http://kesslercrane.com
Glacier Rental Car – Iceland car rentals – http://glaciercarrental.is

I also want to give thanks and appreciation to Thorvardur Arnason for his friendship and invaluable help during my trip in Iceland. He is an amazing photographer as well as a timelapse filmmaker. http://thorri.is

Shot on the Canon 1-DC and 5D Mk III in 5K raw. Motion control using Kessler Crane Cinedrive, Shuttlepod Mini, Turntable and Oracle. Edited and available in Cinema 4K and Ultra HD.



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