3 Feb 2017 An unusual experience with birds this morning, my first chalkboard drawings and Autism and Music Therapy (http://www.arttherapyblog.com)

Hello family and good afternoon to you!  I hope this finds you in good health and better spirits.  We are taking it one moment at a time here at our house and that’s kind of what life is isn’t it?

“Life, the mindful appreciation of every moment without getting overly attached!”  Yeah…..not an easy concept for us sentimentalists!

This morning we had an unusual experience with migrating birds.  In the past 7 years since we’ve lived here, we’ve never had flocks of birds do what they did this morning.  There were so  many of them in all of the trees around us that from indoors, it sounded like it was raining!  So many voices!   It’s what it would look and sound like if Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds ever actually happened (minus the birds attacking people part!)  They stayed long enough for us to witness their presence and then they moved on.

3 Feb 2017 Thousands of birds that came through our Alvarado TX neighborhood this morning

My 17×23 Chalkboard arrived today and I’ve already been using it.  I really like it and think it’s going to be a great tool for me.

An interesting article I found about the benefits of the Arts for children with Autism:


Autism and Music Therapy

According to the CDC, 1 in 110 children have some form of autism. While symptoms vary from case to case, there are two essential characteristics of the disorder: the subject experiences 1) a deficit in “social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts,” and 2) “restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviors, interests, and activities.”

Since autism is a spectrum disorder, there are many treatment and therapy options available, including art therapy. Each subject is different, and there is no single treatment that is equally effective for all individuals with autism. However, many studies note the positive effect music therapy has on children with autism spectrum disorders. This form of art therapy uses musical experiences and interventions to bring about critical behavioral changes in the subject, as well as assisting in the development of life skills.

As there is no known cure for autism, it is ideal to begin intervention early in an individual’s development in order to ensure their highest potential. Music therapy is effective for subjects from all walks of life, but has a particularly profound impact on children. A study by Kim, Wigram, and Gold found that autistic children were more responsive to their music therapy sessions than to their play sessions. Through music, they became more expressive, joyful, and socially engaged. In addition, the children were more responsive to the demands of their therapists during music sessions than in play sessions.

Music, as a medium, is expressive. Throughout history, people have used music to evoke feeling and a sense of connection with others. Music therapy is a non-threatening, positive, and inviting means of reaching out to autistic individuals.



2 comments on “3 Feb 2017 An unusual experience with birds this morning, my first chalkboard drawings and Autism and Music Therapy (http://www.arttherapyblog.com)

    • No, they were nice to me so not Hitchcock’s birds lol. I am enjoying the board so far because yes, you can make a piece of art, take a picture if you want and erase it so you can have something new. I still will do other mediums of art but this kind is good for when I meditate outside.

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