2 Feb 2017 Rainbow Eyes Vision (chalk and paper drawings)

Good evening to you family.  It’s 8:52 pm this Thursday evening as I prepare to wind down from this day.  How are you?  I made the mistake of looking at some headlines in the news just now and there is little good news there.  The further I get into reading my copy of George Orwell’s 1984, the more I see what a “play-book” it is for much of what we are experiencing now and have been experiencing at varying degrees pretty much since the 12-13th Centuries!

George Orwell's 1984 that came in the mail yesterday....you might want to get your own copy and start reading.

George Orwell’s 1984

The pendulum of cooperative existence on our planet swings wildly doesn’t it?  Sometimes high left, sometimes high right but seldom if ever will it spend too much time idling in the middle of things.  In the middle of things is where it’s good for too many people and this is very off-putting to those who benefit psychologically and materially with high left or right swings.  My current focus is getting myself and my personal pendulum, into a balanced rhythm.  I must do this in order to live one of my core beliefs and that is I believe we lead by our example.

Well part of what helps me is focusing on making things – crafting, drawing, taking pictures and of course writing.  I’m always drawing and writing things as regular visitors here already know!   Today’s drawings both outside in chalk and this evening on paper have a theme of Rainbow Eyes.   For me the symbolism behind Rainbow Eyes is my seeing the world and all  life from a full-spectrum  perspective versus a narrow focus.

Much love, hugs, hope and light to you visitor…..pass it on! 




7 comments on “2 Feb 2017 Rainbow Eyes Vision (chalk and paper drawings)

  1. do you do art journals? something I’ve just started, have about 6,7, on the go.. smiles.. since if the page is full of wet paint, I have to move to another journal, its been great fun.. and a learning all the way,, forces .. stepping outside the box..

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