2 Feb 2017 Focusing on what I want to exist in this world (directing our personal power), How It’s Made Kaleidoscope

*edited 25 May 2017

Good morning family, how are you doing from whenever and wherever you are visiting me?  I hope this finds you well today.  It’s been really rough going for the past few weeks and I decided that rather than focusing on all of the people and organizations of stuff “that what will not be named,” (it’s getting like Harry Potter-verse around here lol!)  I am going to make a point to focus more of my attention on what interests me and what I enjoy doing.  This doesn’t mean I will no longer be paying attention and or care about the world around me,  but I must do so in such a way that doesn’t destroy me in the process!

It is important to remember that what I focus on and give my personal power to grows and gains power in the world I perceive….positive or negative.  Managing my thoughts is what will precede success in being the change I want to see in my world.   It may not seem like it, but this is a choice we still have the power to make.   I am only powerless if I give my personal power away!

So the subject that came up for me is Kaleidoscope and I found this wonderful video from the How It’s Made about how they are made.  They make it look so simple! I used to have a stained-glass version my Grandma gave to me but it broke.  I have a faceted piece of glass I use now for the same effect but would eventually like to acquire another one of these.  When I do my circle compass drawings and color them in, I like to think of the Kaleidoscope effect.

Much love and light to you today!

How It’s Made Kaleidoscope




2 comments on “2 Feb 2017 Focusing on what I want to exist in this world (directing our personal power), How It’s Made Kaleidoscope

  1. I’ve often thought I’d like to do a workshop, Jackie, on understanding Oneness and uniqueness through building a kaleidoscope. By having all the same materials available (Oneness) each individual would create a kaleidoscope that would be a perfect and unique expression of One. Perhaps soon… 😉 xoxoM

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