30 Jan 2017 Liberals vs Conservatives (What You Ought to Know A Show From Brothers Winn), Scratch Paper Writing Therapy Session and Standing in the Light (Jordan Smith)

Hello to you. Hope you are well as you find me here. It’s 5:15 pm in the afternoon and I’ve just come in from what I’m deeming a Scratch Paper Writing Therapy Session. I grabbed a pile of scrap paper and a pen and sat outside trying to write about some things I’m going through right now with regards to current events in our country and the world. I’m trying to find a way to move forward with my life without allowing myself to just “normalize” what is going on around me. It’s very difficult!

Kyle and I have been trying to find productive ways to channel our conversations.  We have been spending time looking into the meaning of words being used by so many people right now.  What does it mean to be a Conservative, a Liberal, a Bigot, Tolerant etc.  We are realizing why we don’t like labels for people!  We are finding out many of the people using these words, including us, don’t seem to understand what they mean.  When we don’t know something, we take the time to research and find the answers.  I wish more people would do that!

Liberals vs Conservatives – What You Ought to Know (A Show from Brothers Winn)


30 Jan 2017 4:35 pm

It has been 10 days now since Donald Trump was sworn into office and in just that short time, I feel like I’m watching myself from an alternate reality and can barely recognize who I’m watching.

My relationships with family and friends are rubber-bands stretching and cracking…threatening to snap in my face. Some already have and it hurts! I have become one of the “Tolerant,” a condition just above being a Bigot. Such a being I am allowing myself to become.

Where is the Love and Acceptance in my spoken and written sentences? My speech has become one long rant with gestures and loud sounds with little inflection. There is no change in tone or pitch. The pace of my typing on my computer keyboard is frantically paced and loud too…..it sounds angry.

So much energy to give the undeserving and yet I blindly allow its transference. Whatever creature lurks in the corners of my eyes and in the shadows at night is feasting on my torment now. All over the world this reality within a reality is playing out and yet I still play my part.

Here, at this juncture in time, I have a choice. I see the parasites in the shadows and can choose to continue to allow them to feast on me. I must choose where to look now.

It will not be easy to to evade the traps and bait strewn along my daily path, but I must try. They will be disguised as those I know and love but I mustn’t allow myself to be deceived.

Such a lonely fork-in-the-road in which to be forced to stand! It is familiar to me. Much of my life has meant choosing the road less traveled.

Sometimes it is a choice for such a person as myself either to walk alone or risk losing the will to want to walk at all.

Jordan Smith – Stand In The Light (Official Video)




3 comments on “30 Jan 2017 Liberals vs Conservatives (What You Ought to Know A Show From Brothers Winn), Scratch Paper Writing Therapy Session and Standing in the Light (Jordan Smith)

  1. Just stand in your Truth, Jackie. It’s not Liberals vs. Conservatives. We each hold unique views. I think, perhaps, where we get all twisted up is in a need to be validated from the outside. When we stand in our Truth, validate ourselves, we can simply be and allow others the same courtesy. There is no tension, nothing to snap. No need to prove anything because, quite simply, I Am. 😉 xoxoM

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