30 Jan 2017 Thank you Governors, Clergy and so many others for standing up to refugee ban order, Congressional Review Act (CRA) and This is Not America (David Bowie Song)

Hello to you family wherever and whenever you are as you visit here but chance or on purpose.  It’s 7:31 am as I start to write to you on this new day.

Yesterday I saw a couple of videos and messages that I’m sharing here today that restored some shred of hope I have for America and it’s people.  I understand it’s important to keep people safe but by doing these sorts of things, it’s become even less safe than it was before.  This is an age old tactic to manufacture consent for more of the same which is also part of a cycle to manufacture a war machine.  I don’t think people realize that consent to these kinds of tactics will soon bleed over to us and little by little everything we hold dear will be “executive ordered” away too if it doesn’t benefit those in authority.   Didn’t MOST of our ancestors flee from and or become refugees and immigrants because of Tyranny or are they not teaching that to our children anymore?!

We got to have our thinking caps on and become visionaries.  A phrase that keeps coming to mind, “Make sure we think things all the way through, now is not a time for short-sighted and hasty decisions.”




1.cruel and oppressive government or rule:

“people who survive war and escape tyranny” ·

synonyms: despotism · absolute power · autocracy · dictatorship · totalitarianism ·

•a nation under cruel and oppressive government.

•cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control:

“she resented his rages and his tyranny” ·

•(especially in ancient Greece) rule by one who has absolute power without legal right.

Here is an example of modern tyranny in action; it’s great when all this in your “favor” but when these people start overturning regulations meant to ensure we have clean air, water and food to eat what then?   I suggest you ask the people who can light their tap water on fire what they think about it! 

Do Not Drink This Water! (Gasland movie)


How the GOP Could Wipe Out Federal Regulations in One Easy Step

Rob Garver

The Fiscal TimesJanuary 27, 2017

A new interpretation of an old law may allow Republicans to wipe out decades of federal regulations.

Congressional Republicans have been eager to dismantle many of former president Barack Obama’s regulations as they possibly can and have signaled that they are interested in using the decades-old Congressional Review Act, a relic of the Newt Gingrich-era Contract with America, to do it. However, a new interpretation making the rounds in conservative circles argues that the CRA’s reach could, in theory at least, be much longer than is commonly believed.

The bill requires federal regulators to submit a report to Congress every time a new rule, new regulation, or regulatory guidance is issued. The Congress then has 60 legislative days to review it. If they take no action, the new rules take effect. However, if they don’t, both houses can pass a joint resolution that does away with it. That resolution is protected from a filibuster by an expedited process in the Senate that automatically limits debate to 10 hours, and can be triggered by as few as 30 senators.

Related: Obamacare Hits Record Popularity as Trump Takes First Steps to Repeal It

If the bill is passed, it requires a presidential signature, which is why the CRA was rarely invoked by Republicans during the Obama administration. But with President Trump in the Oval Office, the game has changed, and the GOP sees the opportunity to begin actively rolling back everything from environmental regulations put out by the Environmental Protection Agency to restrictions on certain financial services firms applied by the Treasury Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

However, writing in the Wall Street Journal today, Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley A. Strassel reports that some influential figures in the GOP believe that the law can help them reach much farther back than just 60 legislative days.

Gov. McAuliffe: Virginia is open and welcoming to everybody


Washington Governor at airport: Trump’s immigration policy inhumane, cruel, ILLEGAL (Gov Jay Inslee)

Another take on it that is more resonate to many of my family and friends and not Kyle and I:

Is it ‘un-Christian’ to ban refugees?


Fr. James Martin, SJ


The Rev. James Martin, S.J., is a Jesuit priest, author and editor at large at America, the national Catholic magazine. His most recent books are “Seven Last Words,” The Abbey” and “Jesus: A Pilgrimage.” (HarperOne).

James Martin was born in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., in 1960, attended Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School, and was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1982, where he received his bachelor’s degree in economics (B.S. Econ.) with a concentration in finance. After working for six years in corporate finance with General Electric in New York City and Stamford, Ct., he entered the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in August 1988.

\l “January 25 at 12:50pm · \l “

“I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.”

President Trump has announced that he will order the construction of a Mexican border wall, the first in a series of actions to crack down on immigrants, which will include slashing the number of refugees who can resettle in the United States, and blocking Syrians and others from what are called “terror-prone nations” from entering, at least temporarily.

These measures, which mean the rejection of the stranger, the rejection of the person in need, the rejection of those who suffer, are manifestly unchristian and utterly contrary to the Gospel. Indeed, last year, Pope Francis said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the Gospel.”

But maybe you don’t want to listen to Pope Francis. Maybe you think that he was being too political. Or maybe you think Pope Francis is too progressive for you.

Maybe you think that you have a right to refuse a person in need. And that you have the right to protect yourself. Well, we do have the right of self-protection. But refusing the one in need because you want to protect yourself, especially when the other is in desperate need and obvious danger, is not what Christianity is about. It’s about the opposite. It’s about helping the stranger, even if it carries some risk. That’s the Parable of the Good Samaritan in a nutshell.

But if you still don’t want to listen to Pope Francis, then listen to Pope John Paul II, St. John Paul II, who wrote dozens of times about refugees and migrants. “Seek to help our brother and sister refugees in every possible way by providing a welcome…Show them an open mind and a warm heart,” he said. And as if predicting our current situation, he said, “It is necessary to guard against the rise of new forms of racism or xenophobic behavior, which attempt to make these brothers and sisters of ours scapegoats for what may be difficult local situations.”

For this is an issue of life or death. Migrants flee from profound poverty, which causes suffering and can lead to death. Refugees flee from persecution, terror and war, out of fear for their lives. This is, then, one of the church’s life issues, so dear to St. John Paul II.

But maybe you don’t want to listen to St. John Paul. Maybe you’re not Catholic. Then listen to the voice of God in the Book of Exodus, speaking to the people of Israel: “You shall not oppress the resident alien [i.e, the refugee] for you aliens yourselves once, in the land of Egypt.” Every American heart should be stirred by that. Other than the Native Americans, all of us are descendants of immigrants. We were aliens ourselves once.

But maybe you don’t want to listen to the Old Testament. Then, in the end, listen to Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, he provides a litmus test for entrance into heaven. At the Last Judgment, he will say to people, “I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.” And people will say, “When were you a stranger and we did not take care of you?’ And he will say, “Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.”

Jesus himself is speaking to you from the Gospels. It is Christ whom we turn away when we build walls. It is Christ whom we reject when we slash quotas for refugees. It is Christ whom we are killing, by letting them die in poverty and war rather than opening our doors.

“Today,” St. John Paul II said, “the illegal migrant comes before us like that ‘stranger’ in whom Jesus asks to be recognized. To welcome him and to show him solidarity is a duty of hospitality and fidelity to Christian identity itself.”

So, reject these measures and welcome Christ. Call your local legislators and tell them to care for Christ. Write to the White House and ask them to protect Christ. Show up at town hall meetings and advocate for Christ. And pray for our brothers and sisters who are refugees and migrants.

Because if you do not, and you reject Christ, then it is their prayers that you will need.

David Bowie – This is not America

This Is Not America

David Bowie, Pat Metheny Group, Pat Metheny Group

A little piece of you
The little peace in me
Will die for this is not America
Blossom falls to bloom
This season
Promise not to stare
Too long for this is not a miracle there was a time a storm that blew so pure
For this could be the biggest sky
And I could have the faintest idea snowman melting
From the inside
Falcon spirals
To the ground
So bloody red
Tomorrows clouds a little peace of you
The little peace in me
Will die for this is not America there was a time
A wind that blew so young
For this could be the biggest sky
And I could have the faintest idea this could be the biggest sky
This could be a miracle
This could be etc


© Peermusic Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

For non-commercial use only.

Data from: LyricFind






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