18 Jan 2017 The Futile Tasks of Daily Life – The Little Things we take for granted and So Many Things (Sarah Brightman song)

Good morning to you, how are you? I’m feeling a bit “off” the past couple of days which I think is mainly because I’m missing the natural sunshine. As I write, I have my artificial sun lamp on and Link just loves it!

So the topic that came to mind this morning is futile tasks like daily chores. The reason it came to mind is because I had just put a little bleach in our toilet and cleaned it and then Kyle needed to use it right afterwards.  He was hesitant because of the stories I had told him of when I was younger. I had told him about my cleaning the bathroom as a kid and then my Dad would need to use it right afterwards and essentially undo everything I’d done! LOL!

I realized this morning that what was happening back then, without my being conscious of it, was an early lesson from my Dad about the impermanence of all things. The transient nature of most human activities and yes, the futility of trying to keep most things spotlessly clean!

There are many seemingly futile things we do in this life! Cleaning, washing clothes, buying groceries, baking, cooking, putting gas in our cars, paying bills, buying groceries, mowing the lawn, taking a shower/bath and so much more. What we must remember is never to take being able to do these things for granted! The disabled, impaired and even the wandering Dead would love to be able to do these things! These futile tasks can seem repetitious and tedious to those of us who have all our faculties to do them, but to those who do not, just to be able to fold a wash cloth is a divine experience!

Many times when I start to bitch about having to do laundry, I will force myself to stop and say “thank you.”

“Thank you God of my understanding for giving me the body, mind and spirit to even be able to do my own laundry.”



As I look around, I see the crumbling ruins of civilization like a vast heap of futility. Yet I shall not commit the grievous sin of losing faith in man.

rabindranath tagore – 1941

Tagore’s promise, said on his 80th birthday.




2 comments on “18 Jan 2017 The Futile Tasks of Daily Life – The Little Things we take for granted and So Many Things (Sarah Brightman song)

    • Indeed it is repetitious but what I tell myself is the day there isn’t “something” of this nature to do I’ll either be hooked up to a machine or dead. I’ll take doing laundry over that any day!

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