17 Jan 2017 The Power of the Written Word, Poems, Transitory nature of life and I’ll See You Again (Westlife)

Hello to you, how are you doing today?  I’m doing alright.  It’s gray, cold and overcast again and if the weather reports are accurate, more rain is coming sometime today.  It is winter so I am not going to complain about winter weather!  Yesterday was lovely and I spent all most all of it playing outside.  I opened my eyes and realized I had much more writing surfaces for positive messages and drawings – our back fence!  It was empowering this morning to look out back and see positive messages there, “AWESOME SAUCE!”  Yes, had to use one of my own catch-phrases lol.

I believe there is power in the hand-written word, always have.  Writing positive words in chalk where I can see them later is proving very therapeutic and empowering to me lately.  I love the transience of chalk too.  When the rains come today, they will wash away all I have written and make a fresh canvas!


Do everything with a mind that lets go.
Do not expect any praise or reward.
If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom.
Your struggles with the world
will have come to an end.

insight meditation – achaan chah

A couple of  poems from my past for a friend who is coping with the recent loss of someone he loved very much and for all those in the world facing the same journey.  The most glaring example to us of the transience that is this life is when we lose the tangible presence of those we love and care about.   What I have come to discover for myself is I don’t miss the body stuff aspect of the ones who have walked on beyond my sight.  I don’t miss their suffering or going through whatever they had to go through before leaving.  What I miss is what made them uniquely “them” if that makes sense.  I miss their gestures, their voice, their laughter, their quirks and their songs.  This is where the lessons of Buddhism have helped me the most, the understanding that with attachment there is suffering.  So I am having to learn to enjoy people, places and things from a place of knowing they are transitory to my existence and so am I.   Enjoy the glass while you have it because at some point it will break. 

“Transient Guests are We” (Vampire Hunter D)

The Graceful Surrender – Jackie Wygant 1 Oct 2011

In the shining sun the hammer fell from my weakened grip

To the ground on hands and knees

I felt myself slip

My hands once so strong and sure

Looked so fragile now

All that I was fell into a teary blur

Where did the time go to leave me here feeble and graying

Those days of easy laughter and fluid motion

When all I felt like doing was playing

My flesh and how I feel inside don’t match anymore

What I use to do to my body without a care

Leaves me aching, tired and sore

The time has come for grace

Time for me to embrace not who I’ve been

But the person I’ve become in this place

It’s time to relinquish my quest for the youth I use to be

There is so much more that I am now; I’ve earned these signs of battle

At last I am free


By Jackie Schmidt 4 March 2008


Peace, flowing like wisps of smoke….drifting and bending

Wrapping around each soul

Entering where the heart lies beating

Where the blood flows

Peace tranquil like the wind through the trees

Branches green and bristling

Silence sought in the urgent gentle cries

Of gathering spring birds

Eyes seek beauty in the midst of human refuse

Blowing this way and that

Across a well traveled road

Sunshine glowing through gentle still naked branches

Budding with anticipation

Of warmer days

In a world of uncertainty, turmoil, fear, toil and sadness

Mother and Father stand still, their being

Of Earth and Sky set in motion

Around us

Like wisps of peace

Drifting and bending

Wrapping our each and every soul.




2 comments on “17 Jan 2017 The Power of the Written Word, Poems, Transitory nature of life and I’ll See You Again (Westlife)

  1. I love this meditation… to do good things just because we want it is the best way to a good life… even when we get no reward or even a thank you… to know that we did something good is reward enough…

    • Thank you for coming by my friend. Yes, I love it too. It’s my variation of what I’ve read and or seen Native Americans and Monks do with sand when they meditate. They will make the most beautiful and elaborate pieces of art and when they are done they wipe them away or let the wind blow them away. I think that’s why I like painting t-shirts too — you wear them until they are worn or faded and return them to nature. A great exercise in transitory living! Much love to you all there today!

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