6 Jan 2017 Rare Gems – The Country Store Grandview TX and The Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly

Hello family, how are you? It’s really frickin cold here this morning! It’s currently 24 degrees this morning with an expected high of 26….so much for my parents escaping the South Dakota cold LOL! Seems they brought it along with them….”you will not get away so easily!!!”

We had an adventure together yesterday and decided to check out a place Kyle’s parents had been telling us about and have actually brought us goodies from, the Country Store in Grandview TX. What a treasure and a blessing to find such a place finally. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was in a special place. They make their own breads, cakes, pies and sell all manner of organic and natural foods and products. They are a very spiritual people and if you needed anything along those lines, they had that too. My Dad had a long conversation with I want to say the owner or the Father about making an old family recipe for kuchen pie lol. I may have to bring them the old family cookbook just to put that one to rest.


For dinner we went to Logan’s Steakhouse in Burleson and that’s always good. We plan to go to the Old Texas Brewery today….a little shot of beer with a burger might be nice for such a cold day!

The extraordinary for today brought me to thinking about butterflies….one of my favorite beings on the planet. It was only fitting I should find one of the rarest to be blue, one of my favorite colors.

“Blue Butterfly Symbolism. A blue butterfly is often considered as a sign of life, as it is an adult, and is at the peak of its life. Butterflies are often regarded as a symbol of love, and so can be seen used in various cards and paintings. In many cultures, butterflies are used to symbolize rebirth.”



In 1987, the City of Rancho Palos Verdes had the grand distinction with being the first public agency charged with violating the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 by eradicating the last known Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly with its construction of a baseball field in Hess Park. We were blessed with a second chance at undoing the total eradication when in 1994 another colony of P.V. Blues was discovered by Dr. Rudy Mattoni at the Navy Fuel Depot in Harbor City.

Taken from the Audubon Society Newsletter–Old Blue-Wings is Back! The Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly was thought to be extinct for the last ten years, but a dramatic rediscovery was made on March 10th by Dr. Rudi Mattoni and biologist Rick Rogers. The Blue Butterfly was found on the U.S. Naval Fuel, Weapons and Munitions storage annex in Pales Verdes. The site had not been visited by lepidopterists because of previously needed high security clearances.

After spotting three PV Blues flitting about in their deerweed food plants, Mattoni quickly stopped the Navy from a construction project that was putting a fuel tank under the butterfly’s habitat. Fish and Game officials were called to the base and all construction work in the Blue’s habitat has been suspended.

Tony was planning to trap several specimens and start the ball rolling on a major revegetation program there. He estimates there are between 100 and 200 PV Blues there now. The rediscovery is significant because the PV Blue remains on the Endangered Species List and can be used by conservationists to fight a planned three golf course/residential development on a 1000 acre plot nearby. Jess Morton, a longtime Pales Verdes Audubon activist, has been fighting developers there for many years and will most likely use this bit of good news to our advantage. The threatened California Gnatcatcher is also found in this coastal sage habitat

From the Penninsula News 9/23/99 — The Palos Verdes Land Conservancy has been awarded $230,000 for the habitat restoration and reindroduction of the endagered P.V. Blue butterfly on the Linden H. Chandler Preserve in R.H.E.. The Blue Butterfly Project headed by Dr. Rudi Mattone of U.C.L.A. has been succesfull at bolstering populations at the Defense Fuel Supply Depot in San Pedro.

“This project represents the first opportunity to expand these efforts beyond the only known range of the nearly extict Blue Butterfly- a critical step to ensure its’ survival.” —Dr. Rudi Mattone

As of April 2000 new issues again threaten this last know colony of butterflies with the proposed development in this Navy depot. Complicating this matter is the discovery by Dr. Mattoni that the P.V. Blue’s population nose-dived this year. He doesn’t know why the numbers were down so suddenly. Dr. Mattoni is the leading expert on the P.V. Blue and even he will admit there is much to learn about this tiny butterfly. There is no guarantee that the habitat restoration efforts at Chandler Preserve in Rolling Hills will work to re-establish the P.V. Blue there. They can only plant and hope for the best. Rhapsody in Green, an organization of volunteers who continually work to restore Coastal Sage Scrub habitat in the Palos Verdes area, is laboring very hard to help restore the native habitat for the P.V. Blue at the Fuel Depot. They meet the first Sunday of each month at the Fuel Depot to restore the habitat there. They need volunteers and it really is a fun day with great people that genuinely care about this little struggling butterfly. For more information about how you can become a member or help with hands on restoration of this habitat, e-mail greenring@aol.com, or write to: Jon Earl at Rhapsody in Green,11684 Ventura Bl.,Studio City, CA 91604. Phone 323/654-5821 for details on how to get to the Fuel Depot.

The first spin of the prayer wheel brought us The Serenity Prayer, one of my favorites!


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

the serenity prayer – alcoholics anonymous – reinhold Niebuhr

Much love to you today!


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