1 Jan 2017 Adopting a new habit – “I want to see one extraordinary thing every day” , Mandarinfish, Gratitude to Drag Queens, my drawing “Plugged in”

Hello family and Happy New Year to you.  We officially crossed the threshold to 2017 and billions of us survived to include our Momma Earth…YAY!!!!  Kyle and I didn’t do what a lot of Texans do – stay up late drinking, eating and blowing shit up lol.  Bless their hearts!  The dogs were relatively calm for which I am grateful.

So I was outside today standing with my bright red umbrella because it was raining and listening to music.  The air was so nice and clear and even though it was raining I could catch glimpses of the  elusive sun.  My mind “plugged in” to everything going on around me and what popped into my head was a vision of me being like a Tesla coil with pulses of electricity flowing from my body.  I saw myself as a kind of a fusion of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgonite and Nikola’s machinery lol.  I was inspired to come inside and try to capture my vision on paper and I kind of did.  Kyle could figure out what my drawing meant so that’s something!

A sort of New Year’s resolution I’m making to myself is to work on finding something new and extraordinary each day.  This idea came to me from this scene from Penny Dreadful.  Dorian Gray to Vanessa Ives: “I like to see one extraordinary thing every day” (words I want to try and live by this year)

I was trying to think of what would be beautiful and extraordinary today and I typed in “the most beautiful fish” and this little guy popped up!


Source Internet - the colorful Mandarinfish

Source Internet – the colorful Mandarinfish

Fact Sheet

Family name: Callionymidae
Order name: Perciformes
Common name: Mandarinfish
Scientific name: Synchiropus splendidus

Distinguishing Features

Why mandarinfish? Actually, the name comes from its bizarre and extreme coloration, which resembles the robes of an Imperial Chinese officer (mandarin). The standard colours of the fish are a blue background with wavy orange lines. Although it is dominated by blue, yellow, orange, purple and green are also present on the body of this fish, which seems to have come from the imaginative mind of a child with colouring pens. These fish are also sometimes called psychedelic fish due to their rather bizarre hues which have to be seen to be believed.

They are highly reclusive during the day, but may be seen perched on or hopping between coral branches. They swim with a rapid pulsating of their fins which tends to make them look like they are hovering much like a humming bird.

It is an easy task to distinguish the mandarin fish from their cousin species, mainly by the coloration. Closely related to them is the spotted mandarinfish (Synchiropus picturatus) which has a green background with orange, blue and black spots on it. Another similar-looking species is the picturesque dragonet (synchiropus picturatus) whose body is greenish to light brown, covered with large dark spots ringed with orange and green, and blue-green band markings around its eyes.

Mandarinfish are also distinctive due to their unusual shape since they have a broad and depressed head. Generally, this species is small, reaching only about 6 cm. They have 4 dorsal spines, 8 dorsal soft rays and no anal spines. To distinguish the males in a couple or population of mandarin fish, you can either look out for the larger size of the males or look for a very elongated first dorsal spine.

Speaking of “fish”…..(smile)

For some reason, every since I saw Violet, she’s been in the back of my mind and for those of you familiar with drag lingo, “fish” would be an proper word to describe Violet!  I am consistently amazed at the transformation these men undergo to become Glamazons for Ru’s Drag Race and other shows.  Probably because when these folks get all “done up” they are so much prettier than me LOL!  If I was ever to have a makeover, I want one of these fine bitches to help me out!  For those who recoil at such topics as Drag, remember, back in the day, men played all the roles in drama and theater to include the female parts!   This is an ancient art form!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_player:  Boy player was an adolescent male employed by Medieval and English Renaissance playing companies. Some boy players worked for the mainstream companies and performed the female roles, as women did not perform on the English stage in this period. Others worked for “children’s companies”, in which all roles, not just the female ones, were played by boys.[1][2]

To me, drag is a high art form and when I see them at work I get a sense of awe, wonder and even magic.  Watching them makes me so happy!  I think a big part of the draw for me is seeing men who are in touch with their femininity and able to bring the fusion of their two halves together into such beautiful and often amusing forms.  When I am in a dark place, I turn to the places where there is color, dancing, music, pulsating color and luminescence….no I’m not just talking about My Little Pony!  Ru Paul and his rainbow of amazing talent have brightened many a dark day for me and I’m grateful to be married to a man secure enough in his masculinity to watch and enjoy it with me.  Thank you Glamazons and keep shining!


6 comments on “1 Jan 2017 Adopting a new habit – “I want to see one extraordinary thing every day” , Mandarinfish, Gratitude to Drag Queens, my drawing “Plugged in”

  1. And your drawing is another expression of Oneness, Jackie. Beautiful! I’m feeling an energetic release and cleansing. I like your new habit and look forward to benefiting from it! 😉 xoM

    • I’m going to do my best to stick to it – just this afternoon I had an extraordinary thing happened unsolicited too! Wish I’d had my camera – three old planes flew overhead and one of them was doing loops around the other two! I was waving and grinning like a little girl! Sometimes you just have to look up right?! Amazing and wonderful things are happening all around us all the time – just have to “see” them.

    • Thank you for your message and you are so right! Thank you so much for taking the time stop by, read and leave a comment. I appreciate it! Happy New Year to you.

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