3 comments on “28 Dec 2016 Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying – the mortality check (Carrie Fisher and celebrity deaths of 2016)

  1. I was shocked as I heard about carrie fisher… the last news was that she is stable, so I thought she has a chance… but probably not in 2016… too much had to go this year…. and our world lost some really good people… and pets…

  2. I, too, was shocked to hear of Carrie Fisher’s transition…outta here! The thing about celebrities is that by the nature of their visibility in the world, events in our own lives become entwined with theirs in ways that can’t happen with people we’ve never known about. So, inasmuch as we mourn their passing, we’re also mourning a touchstone of our own experience moved along.

    This life, this existence, is, as Joel Goldsmith said, a mere parenthesis in the greater scheme of Life. Regardless, let’s embrace the Joy and release the suffering, Jackie, in whatever way we can. 😉 xoxoM

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