23 Dec 2016 Finding the sun within yourself for healing (Inside Sun poem), my Spirit Guide and Light by Sleeping at Last

Hello to you, hope you are well today.   Not much to say today *gasp!   It’s another gray and dreary morning.  I was laying in bed this morning and the thoughts came to me from my spirit guide, Deagen (Celtic for dark-haired one, I asked several years ago for a name and that’s what they said), to focus within for illumination and light.  So I held the citrine crystal and did just that.  My feet that have been cracking from the dry and cold weather started to hurt really bad….that healing feeling.  When an area of my body is troubling me, I focus on it being better and have faith that it will.   Most times, with the help of the God of my understanding, spirit guide, crystal family,  and the right food, drink and or activity I have success.  I imagined, with the help of my spirit guide, that my entire inner being was illuminated with healing light.   This is a good exercise for a monkey-mind (chatter brain) like mine!


The name “Deagan” is one of the many spellings of the English translation of the Irish name “O’Duibhghinn” pronounced as O’Dwigan. The Irish name of this sept simply means descendants of (O’) the black (dubh) headed one(ceann).

The most commonly used spelling , found in Ireland today, at least in Tipperary and surrounding counties is “Deegan”. The largest concentration of Deegans appears to be in Counties Laois (Queens), Ofally (Kings) and Tipperary. There are still ruins of Deegan Castle in County Laois on the main road between Nenagh and Dublin.

In my perception, half of did-ease is in our mind and the rest is external forces.   I still find myself longing for the external sunlight on days like we’ve been having, the sun lamp I bought is helping!

The Inside Sun – Jackie Wygant

In the gray of the morning I find myself seeking warming light

Sometimes red, pink, orange or golden

Illuminating and bright

Alas it is veiled to me

So I close my eyes and call it forth within my center

There is what I seek

Like a song only I can hear

There is my inner sun

To bring me morning cheer


*for JRM and Mara’s little angel alien baby on the way……

I hope wherever and whenever this finds you, on a holiday or not, that you are well and if your not that the resources you need are available to you to overcome whatever you are facing.  Remember you are not alone.  There are people like me all over the world who pray for everyone – for some that’s all they do is pray for the world!  My Mom Dianne regular participates in prayer circles at church.  Someone is praying and thinking about you even if you think you don’t have a soul in the world who cares. 


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