20 Dec 2016 Sun Lamp, The Mad Dog, The Double (scary dreams) and prayer for peace today

Hello family, how are you today?   Let me just thank you for stopping by whenever and wherever you are.  Let me tell you that I’m so grateful for you whether you are a regular friend I’ve made here or someone just stumbling in because you  made a typo in the search window lol.

I’m doing a little better today.  My sun lamp arrived yesterday and I’m very pleased with it.  After watching airplanes seemingly making a concerted effort to blot out the sun, seriously at one point yesterday morning I watched three of them flying together,  I decided I needed it.  I’m starting to wonder if Texas is the Hellmouth and is filled with vampires who are paying people to blot out the sun lol.  How is that for a conspiracy theory?!  Round up the troops Buffy! lol

We live in the middle of the flight paths of international flights which never leave those kinds of trails nor do most of the jets.  The planes that leave the huge trails are the white, unmarked planes.  I don’t have a problem until the trails they leave spread out, make the air taste bad and blot out the sun.   There are conspiracy theories that they are spraying us as a form of global birth control.  My neighbor just had surgery to have a malignant cyst removed and they asked her if she smokes because it’s something they normally see with smokers and she said no.  She’s never smoked.  This story has been one I’ve heard more than once from people living in this area and getting cancerous growths.   We live in an area heavy with  manufacturing as well as what’s going on in the air so I shouldn’t be surprised.  America is one of the top air polluters on the planet.

http://www.peri.umass.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=459/ – Toxic 100 Air Polluters Index (2016 Report, Based on 2014 Data)

So this morning I had what I’m calling a “double.”  I dreamt I walked into a bedroom and someone was under the covers but it wasn’t a human being it was a demon on sorts made of toxins.  I couldn’t see it’s face but it moved and made noise and I woke up.  Well I fell right back asleep and it was in a different place now and came after me.  I was petrified and trying to say something but when your in between sleep and awake, things don’t work right.  It was after I was conscious and still felt it’s presence I said “Jesus Christ, get out!”  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dream like that with phantoms.  My friend Linda, a devout Christian,  says that I’m under attack because of who I am and what I do.  After all the stuff I’ve been through these past couple of years especially, I believe her.  I have chosen my team and there are many forces that would love for me to embrace the Mad Dog I am capable of becoming at times….I call the shadow part of myself The Mad Dog.   When I was in the hospital this past time they got a taste of the Dog.   It is certain people (like Kyle) and my faith in the God of all that keeps that Dog with leash and collar.

A prayer for peace in all the corners of our world today.  I  heard about the truck in the Christmas Market in Germany yesterday…..just so sad.  The holidays are already hard enough without that too.


Let us see one another through eyes
enlightened by understanding and compassion.

Release us from judgment so we can receive the stories
of our sisters and brothers with respect and attention.

Open our hearts to the cries of a suffering world
and the healing melodies of peace and justice for all creation.

Empower us to be instruments of justice
and equality everywhere.

prayer for everyday for all creation

Collectively authored by the Millionth Circle Initiative,
5th World Conference on Women & Circle Connections.



5 comments on “20 Dec 2016 Sun Lamp, The Mad Dog, The Double (scary dreams) and prayer for peace today

    • YES! I was so moved to see the little one! It really hurt to hear Easy had left us. I can only imagine the trix this little one will share with us lol. Much love and holiday blessings to all of you – safe travels!

  1. we have same thing with planes… but much more worse are the fighter jets who come often so deep that the cows horses and sheeps run away in fears :o( I’m glad Phenny is with us …we have two pups now… Easy in our heart and Phenny… somewhere in the house, he still is busy to discover his new crib :o)

    • We have Blackhawks that fly so low I can almost read the numbers on the bottom sometimes. They don’t bother me, it’s the ones that leave the lasting trails of “stuff.” I’m soooo glad you found Phenny and look forward to seeing what he’s getting up to! Easy is in my heart too. Much love to you guys today!

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