6 Dec 2016 The luxury of boredom, how a high carb lunch can make you crabby and a new song by the group Enigma – Amen


Hello family.  I wasn’t sure if I would write to you today.   I am having a big case of the feck-it I’m bored.  We live in a small town and are pretty isolated.  I’m craving the kind of stimulating conversation I’m just not really going to get here.  Kyle and I talk about things but as with any married couple, you get so “synchronized” the more time you spend together that you almost get to the point you don’t speak anymore lol.   You can just think something or point at something and communicate.  Hell sometimes we don’t even use real words — “you know that thingamagig in the whatsahoozit behind the thingy” and scarily he knows exactly what I’m talking about!  Anyhew…..on the walk today we just put it to the Universe, “Hey we want friends that like to talk about real stuff besides football, the weather, politics and gossip.”  We’ll see what manifests!  In the mean time….here I am blogging.  Blogging, for me, is a lot like just talking to myself via text.  It helps me not feel so isolated and bored.  May be, just may, one person stopping by will feel the same…..not so alone.

Anyhew…Kyle reminded me that being bored like he and I are now that the “dust has settled” after my latest hospital stay, is a luxury.  Most people would give just about anything to have the luxury of boredom.  He’s probably right.  Sometimes I need a reminder about such things.

There was a whole lead up to being crabby, restless and bored.  I had to use my self evaluation tool to figure it out, the HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) and realized my cranky mood was due in part to having too many carbs for lunch.

For lunch I had a sushi roll (faux crab) Kyle got for me at HEB, I had a Coke to drink and we had some cake too…..too many carbs and not enough protein.  So with this in mind I headed into the bathroom to take my afternoon hot bath and watch a new show on Amazon Prime Red Oaks but no dice!  I guess because we did laundry and Kyle took a shower, the hot water tank hadn’t refilled.  I tried to make it work but just got so irritated.

Do you see the crabby train building?!  LOL!

So I was highly irritated and didn’t feel like going to a walk and decided I was so bored that I would rake the leaves in the front yard!! Holy shit right?!  That’s pretty bored.  Kyle thought so too lol.  Anyways,  after a short time, I realized why I let the leaves lay there so long!  It’s fecking exhausting to rake wet leaves and golf ball size acorns that drop from our oak tree in the front yard! No wonder people hire people to do it!  I normally enjoy doing yard work for the exercise of it but today  I just didn’t have the normal energy I’m used to having to do the work….it all traces back to the high carb meal!   The high carb meal I ate affected me in every way imaginable so I need to work on avoiding repeating the cycle for future meals.   I do better with higher protein meals because I am a very active person.  I am finding coconut flakes to be a great snack!

Anyhew….I wanted to share a song I found today by a group I’ve been listening to practically every day for the past 20 years – Enigma.  They have a new song I heard and bought today and it’s so my jam!  When I hear it I easily harmonize and even fill in with my own bits as it plays.  It’s on ITunes if you like it!

(feat. Aquilo)

I’m out on a new road in search for a land with no name
And I never look back cause I’m walking through sunshine and rain
I’m a man who has lived in the tombs and who’s broken the chainsAmen

I was blind but now I see
What god is enough for me
And I know it’s time to go
I’ve been used and I’ve been played
I’ve been spied on and betrayed
And I know it’s time to go

Watch out
I feel the pain
Watch out
I’m alive again
The past is gone for good, it’s time to say


I’m lost, I believe I will be found
In the silence of my nights
I can hear a distant voice
Someone out there is calling my name

Watch out
I’m not afraid
Watch out
I’m beyond the dread
It’s time to turn the page and love again
Watch out
I can feel your pain
Watch out
In a crying game
I’m leaving all my shadows behind


(Tentanda Incognita)


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