5 Dec 2016 My personal symbols for today and the cyber abyss we sometimes fall into on social media

Hello family how are you this morning, afternoon….wherever and whenever the Universe finds you as you come here.  I hope all is well for you and if it isn’t that you have the support systems and resources you need to find better times and terms.  Where there is a will, generally a way can be found.

This morning I had a couple symbols come to me.  I like to draw my own symbols that I will put on my hands, arms and in chalk in my backyard.  On my body, I gain power and strength….inspiration energy from them.  A young girl told me she did it to keep her from cutting and I do it not because I want to cut but because I don’t want to have a body covered in permanent ink.  Some people get tattoos all over and I admire their commitment lol!  Sharpe’s are my “ink” of choice.

I wanted to thank Margarita and Dymoon for checking on me in my absence.  Sometimes it feels like if we aren’t on social media of some sort….Facebook….that we are “dead.”   For some reason humanity in many corners of the world seems to have forgotten their is actual existence beyond social media…beyond the internet.  There is life outside of being hard-wired into a device of any sort for more than a couple of hours.  I know that’s ironic coming from someone who blogs, spends  a lot of time on Facebook and online gaming.  The reason I came back to Facebook?  The reason I got a text plan for my cell phone?  Without this we didn’t hear from anyone!  It’s like we were “dead” to the world!  Kind of ridiculous.  I don’t carry my phone everywhere and if I want to be found I can be found and the same follows with “disa-not-hering.”  The people that actually give an actual  shit about Kyle and I know how, where and when to find us!

Sometimes we go for walks with our dogs, go to the grocery store, go to visit family or friends and oh my gosh – no phone!  I’m not really thrilled that phones have GPS tracking and such applications because yes it can be for good reasons to track a missing person but you should be able to disable it if you don’t want to be found or don’t want to be “tracked” with or without awareness that it’s happening.  I am concerned about so much “wireless” signal energy floating about.  It disrupts the homing beacons of Mother Natures creatures to include us….scrambles our energy signals and I think it’s actually been proven to cause some forms of cancer.  When my hero Nikola Tesla conceived of wireless energy I don’t think he was thinking in terms of the organic aspects of the human body like my other hero Dr. Wilhelm Reich did.  We must take care what energy signals we decide to “cast about” all willy nilly into the atmosphere.  Insulated wiring is good.

Anyhew….just be mindful of what you expose yourself too when it comes to energy signals and don’t be afraid to unplug from the “collective consciousness” we’ve created called the Internet once and awhile.  Read a book!  Draw a picture!  Go for a walk in nature!  Call a friend and go for breakfast or coffee!  LIVE, LOVE AND BE HAPPY….just BE YOU!

I love you much and hope this finds you having a day filled with personal empowerment and personal freedom in whatever you choose to do and however you choose to express your own sense of personal style.

*I love this song and I bought a copy of it on Itunes


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