3 Dec 2016 Living a life without “Labels” Cat People in fur and clothes…….

Good morning family!  How are you?

3 Dec 2016 Jackie this morning with pouch made by Jimmy from Steam Punk November

3 Dec 2016 Jackie this morning with pouch made by Jimmy from Steam Punk November

I haven’t been posting as regularly because I was in the hospital for a couple of days again.  It’s always about the medication but also learning about how I can grow as a person.  Turns out Lithium salts is a good fit for me with my label for my way of being….Bipolar.  I don’t like labels but this one is suitable to describe everything about me.  In all the ways a human being can be split in two….there am I!

The topic for today springs from me getting schooled about the term I’ve used to describe my new friends from Steam Punk November in Venus TX this year….”Gypsies.”  My husband informed me this morning that using this term is like calling a black person the “N” word!  I didn’t know this!  What these ancient traveling people like to be called is Roma!

When we are ignorant of another person or groups culture and identity, we have a tendency to give them “labels” that can in most cases prove to be derogatory and insulting!  It’s best to ask someone what they liked to be called before just ass-summing *assuming makes and ass out of you and me lol.

For me personally, I’ve chosen as of these past couple of years to not have a label – even for my gender now.  I think Jackie is good enough a label with a caveat of Bipolar for nothing more than describing my being.

These are pictures from Steam Punk November – looking forward to going again next year and visiting the Roma camps!

http://steampunknovember.com/ – link to website

I can remember the first time I saw this film thinking I looked a lot like Natasha.  I was alone the night I watched this and I can remember taking my dog Pita out afterwards and just running so fast…..like I was a cat person.

This film’s opening was the most painful I’ve ever watched!  We weren’t sure we’d make it but we did and watched the entire film and it was worth it.  Her struggle for freedom resonates with me.  Sometimes we make mistakes when we are seeking revenge from a state of unresolved pain, rage and trauma.  Sometimes we don’t even know why we are so hurt and angry until it gets provoked out of us….it was just hidden there waiting for the match.


Sounds like 2018 is going to be fabulous…..a trip to the Burning Man Festival is in the sights!  My brother-in-law John talked to Kyle last night about us Rv’ing it to the festival in 2018 and I’m so down for that!  Wanted to go this year but am willing to wait.

http://burningman.org/ – link to main website!



4 comments on “3 Dec 2016 Living a life without “Labels” Cat People in fur and clothes…….

    • Thank you my dear Margarita! It’s all your fault lol – it meant so much to me that my friends from here are more than just writing buddies but people who actually care if I disappear….such isn’t always the case via the cyber world. I send you big hugs, love and light today!

    • No worries Dymoon! Sorry to have concerned you but these things happen right?! Is the address you gave me an email? I will try it out. I’m on FB should you want to friend me there – Jackie Wygant is my name. I don’t even know your real name – such is the way of the internet right?! LOL. We’ll have to work on that. Thank you for your concern and I send you love and light today.

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