6 Nov 2016 Her favorite color was pink (abduction and murder of Kayla Gomez Orozco), Good Faith (McDonalds breakfast), City Parks, Glenwood Cemetery (Col Glenn Vera, Gen Estes and Kell)

Good morning family.  Today is a day of mixed emotions.  I am particularly sad about finding out last night before watching Saturday Night Live with Benedict Cumberbatch hosting, that a little girl I had found out was missing was found dead….in a well.


5-nov-2016-kayla-gomez-orozco-body-found-in-a-well-after-being-abducted-from-a-church....and murdered

5-nov-2016-kayla-gomez-orozco-body-found-in-a-well-after-being-abducted-from-a-church….and murdered

(I first found out about Kayla’s Amber alert on the 2nd of November and so hoped she would be found!  I remember seeing her picture and my heart just started racing with fear.  Yesterday Kyle and I had references to “wells” prior to finding out about Kayla.  One was sadly Kyle had acquired a decorative well he placed in his avatar Morrigu’s dimensional home in FFXIV just yesterday morning!  Kayla’s favorite color was pink…..I had been playing Rift in my new character Brightiara in the morning also and players were talking about favorite colors online and I said mine was pink.  Someone mentioned something about blue and green and I said they go together nicely and someone else said, “Yo, Teal.”  I even made Brightiara’s wings pink….little did I know how significant that was.)

Police in Texas believe they have found the body of a 10-year-old girl, four days after she vanished from a church and sparked a nationwide Amber Alert.

Cops fear the remains of Kayla Gomez-Orozco have been discovered in a well Bullard, two miles away from where she went missing, following a tip, KSLA reported.

The youngster was last seen on Tuesday at the Bullard First Assembly Church where she was attending a prayer service with her family.

Authorities initially believed she may have been snatched by a stranger.

But on Saturday night, KHOU reported that her uncle was being questioned in relation to her death.

It is not known why he is being interviewed. Police have not made any arrests in connection to Kayla’s disappearance.

Officers said she was in ‘grave danger’ when she first disappeared.

The sheriff’s department got a tip at about 6pm Saturday which led them to the body, Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell told the TV station.

Evidence has also been found at an Old Jackson Highway property, prompting police to apply for a search warrant, according to KSLA.

Campbell has said: ‘The family seems to be a very good, hard-working, religious family with no problems.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3909574/Body-missing-girl-10-Texas-home-four-days-mysteriously-vanished-church.html#ixzz4PEovg2Sa
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We did a “good faith” breakfast (breakfast is my favorite meal of the day) at McDonalds this morning. I say that because we had boycotted them because of what we found out was going on with their food. I noticed that they have been honestly trying to get things back to balance with their product and wanted to give them a sign from me that I appreciated them doing that! They are trying! Great place to start! Kyle and I talked about eating out being cheaper than eating in. It’s less tasking on resources like water and supplies. The whole problem has been the quality of the food you are served when you go out to eat. If the food is nutritious and made and served with love….it’s just as good as a “home-cooked” meal. There are people who are really adept and have special expertise in this arena and there is great potential in this. There are some things from our past that we have abandoned that really used to “serve” us.

Afterwards we went to our local park, Parkway Park, because I love city parks. Anyplace I’ve ever lived, parks have been a top priority for me to find because they are like churches to me. What’s nice about our park is they have recycling receptacles thanks to a young man who fought for them to be there a couple of years ago. A man we saw for the last time 4 years ago…..the last election. He wasn’t going to vote for a President who wanted equal rights for homosexuals….he wasn’t going to vote at all. We agreed to disagree but I remember being disappointed for him. His ancestors and ours, black, white, brown, red and yellow men and women….white men and women like my Grandfather and Grandmother, risked and actually sacrificed their lives so all of us could vote. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about what the outcome is. I did my “tree hugging” while I was there. If these ancient beings didn’t love and tolerate us, we wouldn’t still be here. “The Trees are the Life.” (Retreet Grady McGahan)

Newspaper clipping about Grandpa Harold Becker and voter registration in Mississippi

Newspaper clipping about Grandpa Harold Becker and voter registration in Mississippi

From the park, I wanted to go to visit our local cemetery, Glenwood Cemetary, to visit a grave I found when I first moved here to Alvarado, a baby named Donnie Biggs. As we pulled to park, I remembered one of the best commanding officers I ever had – Col Glenn Vera. He came to the 534 Training Squadron when it was under the command of someone who didn’t have very good people skills and hurt me very much. He improved morale and brought us together like a family. When they, he, left me behind when they moved from Falcon AFB CO to California I thought I would just die and nearly had a break-down. He proved I wasn’t “abandoned” and came to see me when I was working at HQ Air Force Space Command at Peterson AFB CO…..the gray “hell” with cubicles. A place that nearly sucked any life I had in me and the place I was initially diagnosed with dysthymia with the help of a co-worker who could see I was having emotional problems. The Commander in Chief of Air Force Space Command at the time was General Estes and I really respected this man. He treated me like a human being and I used to run into him on base riding his bike and even in the base exchange buying socks….being a normal person like me. (Colonel Emily Chamberlin, Sharon Simons, Major Leslie Formolo, MSgt Babcock, MSgt Ty Souza….other names that come to mind in this train of thought that helped me survive “Bldg 1″….like Room 101 of 1984.)



When I was at Mesa Springs those three weeks, one of the first people I met was a man simply named “Kell.” He and I became fast friends and helped each other. He and I walked and talked together a lot. Every time I looked at him, he reminded me of two people! One was Gen Estes and the other was Benedict Cumberbatch as a much older man! He would call me “kiddo” lol. When I was with him I kept thinking of a song, “Cats and the Cradle” and he was “little boy blue and the man on the moon.” He taught me about time travel. I know it was wierd but it had to do with keeping the daily itineraries “organized” and I did a lot of shuffling of those itineraries which seemed to include getting an extra day somehow. I’m very grateful to Kell and hope wherever, and whenever he is, he’s doing great!

Finally, closing with why I initially wanted to go to visit the cemetery. It was to visit Donnie…DB…..and in addition to a very well-worn penny I had left from one of my last visits, there was an old friend I hadn’t remembered seeing since I was a little girl….on DB’s tombstone was a Daddy-Long-Leg Garden Spider. One of the most gentle spiders on the planet.

P.S On the way to McDonalds we saw two German Shepherds on the side of the road, one of them appeared to be injured so we took the time to call the Johnson County Non-Emergency number and report it so help could come for them. I would do that for a human, why wouldn’t I do that for a dog or any other brother or sister I share this planet with?!

It came to me to share these pictures with you for some reason, so just going with it.

For Kayla……


2 comments on “6 Nov 2016 Her favorite color was pink (abduction and murder of Kayla Gomez Orozco), Good Faith (McDonalds breakfast), City Parks, Glenwood Cemetery (Col Glenn Vera, Gen Estes and Kell)

  1. So heartbreaking, Jackie. I can’t imagine what sweet Kayla’s family is going through. Holding them in Love and Light.

    You look great in uniform, my friend! 😉 xoM

    • Thank you M….I may have looked good but it was a poor fit literally and figuratively. They make “blues” uniforms out of material that doesn’t breathe! Chafing lol! Love you!

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