1 Nov 2016 Greeting cards (putting money into what you value), showing gratitude to those who make your life better, Airships made out of chalk, Love Song (Tesla)

Hello to you, before I take my afternoon rest I wanted to stop in and share something silly with you.  I decided to take a walk down to our Family Dollar General because  my Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth’s birthdays are coming up soon and I realized I didn’t have a birthday card on hand to prepare to send to them!

As I walked down there I realized I had forgotten to grab a bag so I didn’t need one at the store and that wasn’t a problem for as I was leaving our neighborhood, the wind blew me one.  Well this bag ended up holding pieces of trash I found along the way figuratively and literally speaking.  I did find something useful though – someone left me a Samsung cell phone “travel” charger and it works!  What’s funny is I was having to use the adaptor designed for my Amazon Kindle before and now I have one that’s just for my phone but it’s nice to know I have lots of options should one or the other fail to work properly.   I really like it when things are “all-purpose,” “multi-purpose” or “all-in-one” in their design.  There is less waste of precious resources that way.

Anyways, I got to Family Dollar and I just love their greeting card section.  They have cards there that look much like the pieces of art my mother-in-law Beth makes from scratch.  Like this one for example (I decided to put my money into my favorite holiday, the most overlooked, Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday because it’s just about food, family and being together and no anxiety over presents):

This is just one of the several cards I bought today that are of this amazing quality from PS Greetings - they are made in China and I pray the hands that make these cards are treated with as much love as I feel when I choose these cards for those I love.

This is just one of the several cards I bought today that are of this amazing quality from PS Greetings – they are made in China and I pray the hands that make these cards are treated with as much love as I feel when I choose these cards for those I love.

I also picked up a candle that said, “There is always something to be thankful for” which I gave to the group of Latino men I had passed on the way to the store as they were working so hard on the lines for the phone and internet.  I know they probably didn’t know what to think of my gesture but I think they did understand “Thank you, I’m grateful for the hard work you do.”  Sometimes people need something weird, something out of the ordinary….something “Strange” to happen to them to break up the monontany of their lives.  Sometimes we can get into such a rut of a life we don’t see the extraordinary going on all around us, just crying out to be seen!

I found a Tesla Greatest hits CD, which amused me, but I didn’t buy it.  The chronology of the song titles was very resonate.  I liked the packaging but not much for the sound underneath it.

I found a package of colored chalk in a very odd place, in the cosmetics lol, and I thought well I’ve been wanting to buy some more and here’s my sign!  Well when I came home I decided to my new chalkboard would our back patio because drawing on planks of wood is very difficult and doesn’t show up very well lol!  What came to me was drawing the Airship Kyle and I had talked about last night.  He wants to make a Airship “backdrop” for next Halloween and airships have been in our shared journey ever since we first met — we flew on them together as our avatars Prinzessa and Efess (Kailos later) in the MMORPG FFXI (the game where we first met in the deserts of Valkrum Dunes!)  Well I started to think about a “real one.”  The first thoughts as I started to draw were thinking about Noah’s Ark and how clunky it was described to be so how about something of a fusion of the new and the old….Steampunk!  So what came to me is the technology that the Keshe Foundation is working on and somehow incorporating that (plasma coils), the energy of crystals and solar energy.  The only problem I have with the crystals part is the damage that is done to the earth to harvest them and what crystals are to me – intelligent energy fragments and with the solar energy is how harmful to the environment it can be to make the panels with current technologies.  All forms of energy come with a “risk” associated with them…..not getting something for nothing….the rate of exchange.  So what comes to me is finding a way to use what we already have made and have harvested from the earth to build our “ships” – repurpose, reconfigure, recycle.  There are so many really bright people working on such ideas and I’m so grateful for fellow “Makers” and “Tinkerers.”

ok now this doesn’t sound the greatest but you got to admit it’s feckin cool!  I give you the House of the Rising Sun on….Tesla Coils!


Love Song

So you think that it’s over
That your love has finally reached the end
Any time you call night or day
I’ll be right there for you
When you need a friend
It’s gonna take a little time
Time is sure to mend your broken heart
Don’t you even worry pretty darling
’cause I know that you’ll find love again
Love is all around you
Love is knockin’ outside your door
Waiting for you
Is this love made just for two
Keeping on (you’ll find) you’ll find love again I know [x2]
It’s all around!
Love will find a way
Darling love is gonna find a way
Find it’s way back to you
Love will find a way
So look around open your eyes
Love is gonna find a way
Love is gonna, love is gonna find a way
Love will find a way
Love is gonna find a way back to you
I know

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
For non-commercial use only.
Data from: LyricFind



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