30 Oct 2016 The problem with seeking the “shine” outside of ourselves (Flawed designs, Addiction, Enigma, Soft Cell, Super Girl and Phantom Zone)

Good morning to you. It’s 11 am on this Sunday morning as I write to you from the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May.

I made us a really nice breakfast this morning whilst listening to some interesting people (“Ben’s”) and music on You tube to include a new Enigma Song Sadeness II which had a lot of symbolism that resonated with me. I have been listening to this band for a LONG time! All my listening devices have their music on them! The message I got from this video was something I’ve already determined for myself and am trying to share with others. We are the both jailers and the “prison wardens” of our lives here on earth. We have the keys to our freedom should we seek them…..know where to look. I saw Soft Cells Tainted Love video from 1991 for the first time too and was surprised and amazed to see resonate symbology for me there too!  Light beings and blue flames!

Enigma Sadeness Pt 2 (2016) (there is graphic imagery – be warned)

Soft Cell Tainted Love (1991)

While we were eating breakfast we were watching another episode of Super Girl on Hulu plus (CBS SHOW):

Super Girl How Does She Do It clip

Published on Nov 23, 2015

Kara is pulled in two directions when babysitting Cat’s son, at the same time, National City is hit by a series of bombings. Meanwhile, James feels conflicted when his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane tries to rekindle their relationship.

While we were watching it, something came to me about talking more about my ring and or “shiney” addiction I had and the topic of “flawed designs” in regards to the efforts I’ve been making to repair the cat water fountain I acquired yesterday. I’ll start with the shiney addiction.

Source Internet - 1984 Super Girl Helen Slater

Source Internet – 1984 Super Girl Helen Slater

I’ve always loved shiney things but it started to become unhealthy  when I was stationed at Bitburg ABS Germany during the time the United States Air Force was in the process of returning the base to the Germans. My relationship with my now ex-husband was deterioating and I won’t go into his addiction because this is about mine. I was finding myself very unhappy and of all things, I started making myself happy by buying those troll dolls that used to be really popular. That wasn’t enough so trying to make myself happy with “things” evolved to buying jewelry. When it was all said and done up to my beginning to really melt-down while stationed in Colorado Springs CO just prior to 9/11……I probably spent $8-10,000 on jewelry…..”shiney’s” that didn’t make me happy!

The “shine” I was seeking wasn’t to be found in shopping for clothes, shoes, figurines, toys, fancy gadgets, automobiles, in sex, in alcohol, in churches, in gemstones….it was always there for me, I just had never been taught where to find it! It’s been inside me this whole time! Just waiting for me to find it and gradually, after going through a lot of at times horribly painful layers, I’ve peeled away all the grime and found my true “shine.”

This brings me to flawed designs. If you remember, I acquired a porceline cat water fountain yesterday at a neighbors garage sale. Turns out the reason it was free was because it was already broken! The designers of the fountain created a wonderful concept with a flawed design. They didn’t do all the tests they needed to do to find the “weakest point” of the design so they could correct it and turn out a really quality product. The same goes for the GE caulk I was going to try and use to make the repair. The caulk is supposed to be mold and mildew resistant for like 10 years or something….in our shower it’s already getting pink mold regularly and pulling away from where I put it down even with following the instructions. When I went to use it for the cat water fountain I took off the cap the tube comes with so the caulk won’t dry  up  and it was dried solid….couldn’t even get into it to use the rest of the material. I have another tube of it but don’t want to open it and “waste it” because obviously the cap to keep the solution from drying doesn’t work. A step further…..we had bought a caulking gun and you know what they did to save money? They didn’t put a tool on it to pierce a hole in caulk so you can use it again! FLAWED DESIGNS PURELY DESIGNED TO FAIL FOR PROFIT!

After all if a product doesn’t fail then how will the company stay in the red?! Every single product that is made on this planet should be completely reusable if it’s current purpose should fail……a step further….that goes for people too! You don’t just throw people (or things)  away because they are no longer profitable or useful to you.  I will caveat with something from my own personal experience about this.  I was married to a man a wonderful man for 16 years and we started to fall out of love, gradually, due in large part to my “growing pains” and I think his addiction to me (his shiney) which manifested into unhealthy other addictions, after 8 years.  I stayed 8 more years before the day that came when my kitty Amber was sitting on my stomach one afternoon while I was napping in our house on base, Alligator Run Patrick AFB FL, and I heard a disembodied voice say, “It’s Time.”  From that moment on there was no more time to waste being afraid to be on my own, how would I financially support myself, how would I live without him?  Then came Kyle.  Kyle and I are not proud of some of things it took for us to finally be together but we have no regrets.  We paid for our transgressions and the way we went about it……NOBODY gets away with anything especially when it means breaking the heart of another living being!  I’m thinking that idea about marriage contract renewals is a pretty good idea.

This quote from Super Girl lead me to a picture of the 1984 series of Super Girl trapped in the Phantom Zone!

“You spend more time in the friend zone than you did in the Phantom Zone!” (Super Girl How Does She do It Episode)

Supergirl (1984) Official Trailer – Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O’Toole Superhero Movie HD



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