29 Oct 2016 Being Spontaneous and How You Get Right Where You are Supposed to “Be”

Hello to you, how are you?! It’s 8:21 pm on this Saturday evening. I’m writing to you to help me wind down from a very full, amazing day of being in the “flow” of things.

It started this morning when I decided to cut the lawn but felt like I needed to go check our neighbor Doug and Janet’s garage sale first. Just one of those spontaneous kind of things. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just wanted to go and see what they had. They had a chaise lounge out that I had I fallen in love with their last sale but we just don’t have room for it. So I went down there and found a cat water fountain and Janet being Janet just gave it to me….she does that lol. I told her well I had to find something to buy to pay them something for it. I ended up sitting in front of a box of rings that come in candles and talking to a fellow “Energy” being Lisa Smith. I think she is Janet’s sister.

Lisa just recently relocated her business to a new location. About 10 years ago, before her Mom died of cancer, Lisa took up massage therapy to help her Mom. Well she kept doing it even after her Mom died and her husband kind of had trouble with her touching other men. She had clients that expected happy endings to their massages and that wasn’t ok with her or her husband. She changed her business name to Lisa’s Wellness Center….no more misunderstandings about the nature of her services! She and I agreed that what happens is sometimes men don’t know how to get what they want from their wives or from a loving partner….don’t know how or are afraid to ask so they go to massage parlors or other such venue’s to find what they are looking for.

She sells candles that have rings inside and she mentioned being addicted to them playfully and I shared that for a time I was very addicted to buying jewelry….solved it by Kyle encouraging me to learn to make my own! (I still walked away with a couple of her rings but they were only $2 and really pretty for that price! The difference between me now, and me then….I bought them for fun not because I felt I “had to have them.”)

Anyhew…..everything she does is about Energy from the massage therapy, she knew about Quantum Touch Energy Healing I do, she is a rep from an electric company called Ambit Energy (which is timely as we are up for contract renewal with Reliant and she claims they have competitive rates!). I told her that everything she’s doing honors her Mom who died of essentially an energy disease. I consider cancer a tangible manifestation of unhealthy energy flow. She agreed with that!  She loves that her clients consider her like a Doctor lol!  Call her “Dr. Lisa!”

Something else we talked about was that she and her husband like to flip houses. Why do I mention this? Because as soon as she mentioned that I knew it was time to try and plant a seed I’d been trying to plant for years! It’s the idea of taking existing properties and giving them partial or complete facelifts without having to keep building new houses and using up more land to do it!

I told her the idea was basically you’d come and give me an estimate for what it would take to “flip” my house in all or in part and we’d come to a deal with a payment plan. I would love to be able to pay someone to come and give this house a complete facelift without having to go and buy a new house instead. I get so tired of seeing old and abandoned houses that just need a facelift….kind of like people right? So, seed planted.

So I came home with 2 rings, a bowl full of decorative rocks and a cat water fountain I’d been thinking about getting for Amber and May some years ago. After I started to try and put the water fountain together, I found out why it was free – it was broken. This leads to something else I would like to see more of – quality products that are fixable!

We got the fountain kind of fixed but it’s leaking this evening so I’ll have to try to find something else to seal the broken parts with but I will because I love fixing broken things so they can be useful again! Doesn’t matter if it’s a people, place or thing….most anything broken can be repaired with the right tools and intention! May seemed to enjoy it and that makes me want to get it fixed and working well for her even more!  May has started to grieve for Amber and calls for her constantly now….breaking our hearts to hear it and not really be able to comfort her.   We just have been talking to and loving her as much as we can.

Our lonely little old lady kitty May who's just finally realized Amber isn't coming back....so hard!

Our lonely little old lady kitty May who’s just finally realized Amber isn’t coming back….so hard!

This evening, after I was out back doing my meditation (in the pictures), I came in and asked Kyle if he’d like to go to the Old Texas Brewery in Burleson for a burger and may be a beer. He said sure! Well what we both didn’t know was tonight downtown Burleson was having their Boo Bash Halloween celebration LOL! I had almost grabbed our Steam punk hats and goggles too but grabbed my Steampunk November wristband instead lol. Anyways, we got one of the best seats you could have for such a spectacle at a table outside. We tried a “Taster” (like a shot) of a absolutely delicious beer called Pumpkick by New Belgium Beer Co. with our favorite Bacon Craver Hamburgers . I told Kyle it felt like being at a dinner theater show lol. We both love to sit and people watch and we had the best place in the world for it! It was a great “test-drive” for me before going to Steampunk November. I think it went so well because it was an outdoors event and Steampunk November will be like that too. The highlight before we left was meeting a photographer from a place called Ovation Ministries I think: found them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OvationChurch. From what the man taking pictures told me they are about, I was quite impressed! He was taking pictures of people being happy and posing with the two Superhero’s they had for their spot – Batman and Superman! He and I convinced Kyle to go up and get his picture taken and that’s not something he normally would do but he did it. After all, he’s my Superman and to me he belonged up there lol! My picture came out kind of blurry (still learning how to use this camera lol) but it was good enough I think!


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