27 Oct 2016 New life in the garden (against all odds), Amber returns home and afternoon mail (Halloween card from a sister and a book), Queen (Who Wants to Live Forever)

Hello to you this Thursday afternoon!  It’s 3:55 pm in the dimension I share with Kyle, Spot, Link and May and well Amber’s ashes.  Yes, a very special sequence of events have been unfolding today with regards to my little kitten!

This morning, at  11:05 am I realized I had missed a call from the Alvarado Veterinary Clinic.  They had left a message to tell me that the Faithful Friends Animal Crematory had delivered Amber’s ashes and they were ready for us to pick up.  As I was finishing listening, guess who was on the other line?  Kyle!  He was wondering if there was anything he needed to pick up on the way home.  Well yes dear, as a matter of fact there is!  He said he would collect Amber and bring her home!

I was outside when he came home with her as I was listening to Primitive by Annie Lennox….perfect!  Finding the heart this morning and everything that has followed….the furthering of a conversation with the God of my understanding.  I am a “show me” kind of a girl and I am definitely being “shown” and I feel it is my responsibility to “show” you too.  Sometimes the only way something so abstract and fanciful as divinity can begin to be understood through the sharing of the experience, strength and hope of another person.  This is the reason I am posting this and none other.  Showing you how the God of understanding is helping  me get through the grief of losing someone I loved may also help you.



4 comments on “27 Oct 2016 New life in the garden (against all odds), Amber returns home and afternoon mail (Halloween card from a sister and a book), Queen (Who Wants to Live Forever)

    • My heart to you about Edgar…..no my friend(s) it is hard every time but something is different this time with Amber. The more I’ve gotten better about talking and listening to the God of my understanding, and part of that conversation has been about “attachment” (too much leads to suffering) and seeing the full circle of things, the “hoop” of our existence…seeing how things seem to “work” within it is helping me. I miss “tangible” Amber but she is very much with me every moment as she is a piece of my heart and quite alive and well in there! My love to you and thanks for visiting. Thank you for all you folks do for our ambassadors of the divine on this earth!

  1. I’s a special moment when they come home that way… a big hug to you… we are sad with you :o( and to find this heart was a sign… I know that there are things we can’t explain nor can we see them, but they are still there… like this heart :o)

    • Exactly Easy – all is truly well for Amber and as I was telling AC, she is quite alive and well within me and now we will never be apart from each other! Love to you my friend.

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