27 Oct 2016 Cocoon (sharing ourselves) , South Park Fort Collins episode and Do we need a “re-set button” on the 2016 Election?

Good morning to you, how are you? It’s 7:29 am on this Thursday morning as I write to you and ‘m feeling really unsettled inside! We just watched the latest episode of South Park and I feel sick inside about it. Are we really going to be forced to vote for one person in order to “save” this country? What about the other people on the ballot? Don’t they count? Did you realize you have other choices? No, many of you probably didn’t know that because why? They haven’t been allowed to tell you who they are, what they stand for, what their qualifications are and what their history of service is. They haven’t been allowed to debate with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton….have actually been removed from the building (case of Jill Stein).

http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s20e06-fort-collins#source=57baee9c-b611-4260-958b-05315479a7fc:879fd28e-c96b-4f9d-a437-e05c1bcf80aa&position=6&sort=!airdate – Season 20, episode 6 aired 26 Oct 2016 – Fort Collins (Colorado) this is where my Grandma Carol Becker lived for many years!

Here is but one source of millions in which to find out what our real choices are in this election:


Nominee Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Gary Johnson Party Democratic Republican Libertarian Home state New York New York New Mexico Running mate Tim Kaine Mike Pence William Weld

Nominee Jill Stein Darrell Castle Evan McMullin Party Green Constitution Independent Home state Massachusetts Tennessee Utah Running mate Ajamu Baraka Scott Bradley Mindy Finn

Did you also know that even if you vote for who you want, the Electoral College system will more than likely negate your vote anyway?

http://www.learnnc.org/lp/media/lessons/davidwalbert7232004-02/electoralcollege.html – this is something you should read if you disagree with me.

Folks, we need to push the restart button on this election. I honestly don’t believe we should even have an election day this year because this is probably what’s going to happen. Kyle described it to me very well this morning, he said, “If Trump wins, nothing is going to get done because the President can’t just decide to do something. If Clinton wins, nothing is going to get done either….it’s going to be another 8 years like we’ve already had.”

Do we really have the muster to go through all of this again? To step even deeper into the darkness that has arisen all around us to divide and conquer us?

My vision is very clear about this and that is we are a family. Every single life form on this planet – those already here and those we’ve manufactured are family. Right now I am seeing us think, act and do things from the most highly dysfunctional family unit imaginable and it’s not working.

Who in our leadership will come forth with the courage to say, “ENOUGH?!!!” This word is one I’ve used many times in recent years and I have heard and seen ENOUGH of the bickering, the petty squabbles, exhibition of behaviors of spoiled children who don’t want to share their toys or what they perceive “belongs” only to them.

Hit the reset button, please, there is no shame in admitting our shared mistakes and there is a great reward in working towards shared ammends.  I think every candidate running for President should be allowed to speak in front of the American people and “plead” their case.  I believe the Electoral college system should be revisited and reevaluated.

*steps off soap box

This morning as I was waking up, it came to me, very loudly, “I want you to use Cocoon, the sharing ourselves example” and after that I saw a movement of white in the corner of my eye and at that same moment Link growled a little. The presence was not malicious to me and I actually sensed a very loving energy.


I found the whole movie and I hope Ron Howard won’t be mad at me for using this.

*In the spirit of this Halloween season, Bing used a scene from Transylvania as their home page today and I thought it was very beautiful:

source 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

source – 27 Oct 2016 Bing homepage image of mists across Transylvania in Romania.

Mist across rural Transylvania, in Romania

Sure we’re visiting Transylvania—a region in central Romania probably best known to many of us from Bram Stoker’s book ‘Dracula’ or the many film adaptations of the story. And sure, it’s a few days before Halloween to boot. But let’s take this opportunity to clarify that there’s much more to ‘The Land Beyond the Forest’ than all those vampire movies have shown.

Transylvanian culture and customs reflect influences from Hungary, Austria, and historically, Celtic and Roman cultures, among others. And if the Gothic architecture preserved in many of the cities and villages doesn’t draw you in, the lush mountain wilderness of the Carpathian range is a beacon for nature lovers.



7 comments on “27 Oct 2016 Cocoon (sharing ourselves) , South Park Fort Collins episode and Do we need a “re-set button” on the 2016 Election?

  1. that’s what I thought too… where is the reset button…. or maybe it is possible to skip the election this year?
    I visited transylvania many years ago, it was sad that they showed the wrong castle to tourists and we had to organize our own tour to learn more about the real vlad tepes… but it was interesting and the area looks realy a little scary :O)

    • I hope that when I get overseas that I will be able to visit Transylvania – the real one – not just the one I’ve ready in storybooks! So much history and my ancestors, as I recently found out via my mother-in-law helping me navigate my ancestory.com DNA results, may have traveled through that region or actually lived there!

    • I think many of us are thinking “where are the real candidates, where is the reset button on this thing?!!” I really believe the right and not easy thing to do, is to stop this election so we can do it properly and heal our country.

  2. The presidential candidates are a reflection of the people of the nation. This includes those who think politics are corrupt and will not get involved, the ones who only get involved in the presidential years without paying attention and paving the way for worthy candidates from city council up in other years, the ones who neglect giving feedback to their elected representatives once they walk out of the voting booth.

    As Lincoln said: “A government of the people, by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

    If the government, and the candidates running up, seem puny and sickly, Jackie, an election reset will not cure the ailment. We do the best we can going forward AND cultivate the new crop of potential presidents now.

    I see two faint beams of light in a possible Clinton presidency: Mrs. Clinton has demonstrated herself to be a listener, time and time again. That means the constituency must keep talking and voicing their concerns. She’s already very much aware of the people who spoke in favor of Bernie Sanders’s platform with their votes. The second comes with the possibility of the Senate being returned to Democratic control, placing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a stronger position to amplify the voices of their constituencies.

    Government is a work in progress. Always. And the president is only one of its public servants. We must cultivate and pay attention to all our representatives from the most humble positions to the top.

    Of the people. By the people. For the people.

    PEOPLE are an integral part of the equation. Not just President. xoxoM

    • What you say about a “reset” not fixing it resonated with me with your logic. I guess my problem with going forward “as is” Margarita is the concept we’ve developed called “time.” How much longer do we want to keep kicking the can down the street to the next generation to fix the problems that our generations created? Aren’t we responsible for seeing a solution through so our future generations don’t have to suffer any longer in the NOW. We need to establish term limits also so speed things up — no more career politicians. Thank you for sharing your perspective and insights on this because I value them!

      • For the purpose of this conversation, Jackie, let’s say that the eligible voter population of this country is 50 million people. It’s extremely difficult to get 50 million realities to sync up.

        We are each here, in what we call now, to play out our own experience, whatever that might be. While we all want changes and improvements, what this election is showing us is that there is a vast spectrum of disagreement as to what changes and improvements we think are best.

        As endless as this election cycle has been, it’s actually far longer than we are conscious of it being. It is actually closer to 40 years long! That’s how long it has taken for the Republican party to shift from a collaborative governance, to a truculent, uncooperative, “my-way-or-the-highway” stance.

        We have a lot of work to do NOW to bring about a shift in attitude, mentality, consciousness. Jackie. The good news is that we’re always in the NOW and our actions are always important in NOW.

        The opportunity this election offers us, in my opinion, is to get a competent candidate elected, as well as a Congressional make-up that is more likely to collaborate and actually WORK for the people who elect them.

        And, most of all, we need a conscious and continuously active electorate, willing to give constructive feedback and guidance to their elected representatives.

        Votes DO matter.Let us release ourselves from attachment to the outcome of our votes, from the belief that if the candidate for whom we vote does not win the election, our voice was not heard. Hillary Clinton heard Bernie Sanders’s supporters. Let’s keep talking! 😉 xoM

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